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There is a photo on DAF's Facebook page. It shows two DAF employees outside the Dublin Bus Procurement Department with the new contract.

There is some speculation going around online that it is either for new single deckers or breakdown trucks.


Does anyone else here give us more information on this news? Thanks.

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DAF don't make buses; the company that owns the DAF franchise here does own the VDL franchise also (the former DAF bus division) but I'd assume they'd use VDL branding then.

Also, the NTA would be signing that contract, not DB.

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While i have yet to travel on a VDL coach they are very impressive on the outside.

My Memories of DAF's on city service are the AD's in Dublin Bus and the DA's in Cork.

Both very comfortable and powerful machines in their days.

The majority of the DB AD class transferred to Bus Eireann and went on schools where they aged very badly before being withdrawn.

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BE have some VDL doubledeckers.

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