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I need an advice.

About 4 weeks ago I collide with car wile riding my bike. I was moving straight thru crossroad (on my green light) when that taxi from opposite direction started to turn right (his right) and appears in front of me.

So I tried to use breaks (without success) and I hit the car somewhere around the trunk (it was sedan) on passenger's side. I flipped over my bike and car trunk and hit the ground. I fall on my back. I'm a cautious cyclist, I always wear helmet and that's and a soft backpack full of casual office clothing literally saved my life.
Helmet got cracked. My bike is dead with broken front caliper, break lever, fork, and frame.

I was able to stand up after maybe half minute and people around help me to leave the road and removed my bike from road. I was shocked but without visible serious injures. I was staying on road side trying to get my thoughts together. And a taxi driver left me on the road, just asked "Are you ok?" and drove away. I don't know am I ok or not, because I have no idea what's going on around me at that moment. Guys who help me to get away from the road told me to write down the taxi registration number (the driver was at the site at that moment and left after several minutes). I even can't do that. So one of them did it for me. When I calm down a little and was ready to move on I discovered that finger on my hand is probably fractured (and it was). One of the guys just stay with my all the time. Big thanks to him. He help me to reach the nearest Garda station (only 300-400 meters from the site of collision).

We both made the statements regarding this case. Gardai who took my and mine witness readings, recorded all the facts and license plates of the taxi driver and assured that I will know all the details for a compensation. But they refused to count it as hit-and-run as the driver has stopped and "checked my state".

Next day I came to hospital, where it turned out that my finger is fractured, my muscles are stretched and I have lots of bruises.

I called Gardai couple of times during this month and once I was even lucky to have a conversation. And I got the answer that there was no time for my business right now. Sure, they are busy, but this taxi driver has not yet incurred any responsibility for the deed. So the things are as follows: you can hit a person by car in the middle of the day and you will not got anything for it. I lost my bike and now I need to go to my work by feet or use bus. Also I've spent time and money in the hospital. I still wearing the bandage on my palm, still feeling pain in my back.

I can't got in contact with this Gardai still. Because my officer either absent on the spot or on vacation or having day off or whatever.

Maybe there is different way to solve my problem, than calling in a Garda station day by day with no result?

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Contact a solicitor is my advice.

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site_owner Registered User

Get a solicitor

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As others have said solicitor , let them do the running around for you.

Hope you're on the mend both physically and mentally , an incident like that can take a lot out of you for long after the physical wounds have healed so be sure to take care of yourself mentally too!!!!!!!

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dreamComeTrue Registered User

Thank you guys.
I'm not Irish so I have no idea of lot of common things here. In my country of origin it is not a big deal to reach another person in situation like that. I'll try to talk to solicitor.

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dreamComeTrue said:
Thank you guys.
I'm not Irish so I have no idea of lot of common things here. In my country of origin it is not a big deal to reach another person in situation like that. I'll try to talk to solicitor.

There is an organisation called FLAC who offer free legal advice clinics.


I've not used them myself but might be a good starting point if money is an issue or just for advice on how to proceed.

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Write all the facts that what happened and who seen it,times, gardai details and medical issues and anything else you can think of.

A solicitor may well be needed.

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Agreed, you need to see a solicitor who deals with accident claims, they will be be able to get a lot more out of the Guards than you can and you shouldn't have to pay a penny until the case is closed a no win no fee type thing.

I don't know what you mean by knock someone down and not get anything for it, in most cases no there is no justice for drivers knocking down cyclists, the system compensates the victim for injuries mental or physical, costs incurred and loss of income but does not go after the driver to punish them for having an accident usually. Again more of a reason why you need to speak to a solicitor.

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Kaisr Sose Registered User

That sounds horriible and shocking behaviour of the driver. Look after yourself. You were unfortunate but lucky to have a solid witness that took the reg details. It’s so bad and dishonorable what the driver has done. Shows no respect for you. The driver seems like a sleaze bag. In another situation they would leave you on the road if they could get away with it. In my opinion, it’s similar to hit and run as they left the scene without giving your their details.

You should write to the Garda station seeking the insurance details of the taxi. The motorist has to give it to the Garda and the Garda have to give it to you. The service from the Garda is very bad. I am in a similar prices with them and it’s like thy are covering for the motorist (maybe they are!). Leaving the scene of traffic incident is not good and the Garda should be backing you in this. It is still early days though and the investigative process is slow.

If you can get the insurance policy you can proceed directly for compensation without a solicitor with the insurance company or via PIAB. First, you need the policy. If you have the reg no., you can write to Dublin City Council and request the insurance details. Tell them it’s for an incident where you were hit and the vehicle left the scene.

Alternatively, contact the MIBI and pursue it as an uninsured motorist claim. As soon as they see the policy (and they will) they will pass it over.

Alternatively, go the Solicitor route. You can settle this without one though. I would not be rushing to settle this. Your injuries are not healed, recovery unknown. You have two years to lodge a claim with PIAB. Check out their website for information on making a claim.

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RacoonQueen Moderator

PIAB will look after all details for you - they deduct their fee after a claim has been settled with his insurance company. The taxi driver presumably didn't give you his insurance details which means he left the scene of an accident without giving his details when, from your description, the accident was his fault.
Keep all receipts including bus receipts or taxi receipts from expenses incurred travelling to work etc now you don't have your bike. He is liable for them if you ordinarily travel by bike.
I hope you heal up quickly and get sorted - if the guards aren't speaking to you then you will need a solicitor or this will never be finalised given it sounds like you have not got his insurance details.

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I empathise with your experience, but Im enraged by the attitude of our police. A similar collision happened me, where the Gardai did nothing with the information given to them. I find it very hard to let it go, even though I was only bruised and the bike not damaged.
I'm watching out how the Gardai handle a few recent incidents:
1. My colleague was wiped out a junction by a left turning taxi. She's fine, but the taxi drove off. That is an offence. She got details and witnesses, and she knows a Garda who might stick-handle this. I want to see where this goes.
2. A reckless overtake by a car brought down a rider on a recent club spin. Caught on camera, and clearly reckless driving. There is a complaint made. Again, I want to see where this goes.
OP, I hope you recover your bike and receive compensation, and I expect you will if you go through what has been advised above. But there is cyclical apathy in some of our police force that results in reckless people driving with impunity. That is a 'Garda culture' that must change for the good of all citizens.

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Guards are too busy to deal with someone who was basically knocked down and left at scene by the driver.

That's unbelievable and the guards wonder why they are losing the respect of the public.

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beans Registered User

Solicitor will be able to sort this for you. The case you describe is very similar to one that I pursued last year successfully (although driver remained and spoke to the police). Keep notes about costs incurred, receipts etc. Witness contact-details, too.

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terrydel Registered User

jcd5971 said:
Guards are too busy to deal with someone who was basically knocked down and left at scene by the driver.

That's unbelievable and the guards wonder why they are losing the respect of the public.

Losing? I'm surprised theyve an ounce left after the last few years.

OP, very sorry to hear of your accident, by the descriptionit sounds like you had right of way and he was crossing lanes, same thing that happened to me 4-5 years ago. The driver in my case admitted liability immediately and I was awarded a significant claim and a new bike from it. Not saying you will get the same or similar, but on what I've read I do believe you are firmly in the right here and the driver is 100% at fault.
Get well soon.

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@dreamComeTrue serious sympathies man.  Been there, done that and know how frustrating it was and me from here....I can only imagine what it is like for someone who is not from here!   The Guards will fob you off to a point but they could simply be investigating it.  I know from my own experience it was only when my solicitor pushed them that I got any progress.  Also,  PIAB is not the best thing either.  The offer crap money in the hope that you go away.  There are a few good firms out there that deal specifically with Bike injuries moreso than the usual humdrum crash cases.  If you haven't got one yet I'd google Bike legal specialist and I'm sure you'll be fine

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