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Returning to BBC One on 4th October at 9pm according to their Facebook page this afternoon.

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Not long so.

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miamee said:
Returning to BBC One on 4th October at 9pm according to their Facebook page this afternoon.

Excellent news!

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Dammit, I wanted to be the one who started the thread Hope it's a good series, the last two have been poor imo. They really need to cut the number of contestants back to 16 or even smaller. Would also like to see less people who're just they're for the fame, but probably difficult to weed them all out.

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Airing in the autumn for the fourth year running. I wonder if the BBC have considered making this permanent?

Lest we forget, the show used to be a spring fixture - eight of the first nine series aired from either February to May, March to June or May to July. The exception was the 2010 series, which was the first to air from October to December due to that year's General Election and Lord Sugar's government ties.

The last three series, like the 2010 one, have aired in the autumn due to at least one major event taking place in the spring or summer. In 2014 it was the World Cup in Brazil and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow; in 2015 it was another General Election; and last year it was the Brexit vote, Euro 2016 and the Rio Olympics.

This year, of course, there has been yet another General Election. And next year, there'll be the World Cup in Russia.

So I wonder if the Beeb have considered making The Apprentice a full-time autumn fixture? If it moved back to spring now, it would be a pretty big change for many loyal viewers...

What is almost certain, however, is that it won't be going away for a while yet. Lord Sugar may now be 70 (and Claude isn't much younger), and there may be more candidates who are just there for the fame - but the show still averages around seven million viewers each series, even beating EastEnders now and again.

I assume Rhod Gilbert will be hosting You're Fired! again? He had a bit of a health scare earlier this year, but no word that he's leaving:


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miamee Registered User

Nice to see a few of them admitting to short fuses already - knowing it'll make for good tv

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Go Harvey Go Registered User

Nine men and nine women. All aged between 23 and 39. All conventionally good-looking. One black candidate; several others of Asian descent. Most of them living in the London and Manchester metro areas.

That's standard these days. What *isn't* standard, however, is *all* of the candidates living in England - there's usually one from Wales, one from Scotland and one from Northern Ireland. Hmm...

Meanwhile, despite now being a septuagenarian, Lord Sugar says that he's more than happy to continue doing the show, until he drops or until the Beeb decides to call it a day:


DavyD_83 Registered User

Nobody else even bothered watching?
**** burgers, all the usual first episode clichés

Breaston Plants Registered User

Are the contestants wearing the glasses for comedy effect?

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TheRiverman Registered User

Obnoxious programme,back to Doc Martin.

jr86 Registered User

It seems to have started earlier than the last few years?

I'm not sure when the end date is but I hope it doesn't mean less multi-firings

jr86 Registered User

18 contestants is way too many imo. It takes weeks to actually put names to the faces.

I suppose they can milk more ratings out of a longer series

That said it was 20 in Mark Wright's year iirc

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castletownman Registered User

That Mikaela one with the glasses is rocking the pornstar secretary look.


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