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Half the round 6 results are still missing from the LCU website. Can anyone supply the results?

Two matches have already been played in round 7, I think.
Trinity won 6-0 at Royal Lopez on Monday. Dublin-Benildus was scheduled for yesterday evening.

cdeb Moderator

Dublin 5-1 St Benildus

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Round 6 Drogheda 4.5 Royal Lopez 1.5

cdeb Moderator

St Benildus 2.5-3.5 Elm Mount

Excellent, and unexpected, result for us

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Last night: Dublin 2.5 Trinity 3.5.

So after nine matches Dublin are on 34, but could slip to third place.
We are on 32.5 after eight matches because our Bray match was postponed; still no date for that yet.

Elm Mount are on 31 points after eight (thanks to Benildus!)

I guess there may be some doubt about whether the two matches scheduled for this Saturday will go ahead: Bray v Gorey and Elm Mount v Drogheda.

We are playing Elm Mount in advance on Saturday week because the students would all be away on the scheduled date.

The original fixture list was crazy, with no March match scheduled for Trinity but two in April.

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St Benildus 4-2 Naomh Barróg

cdeb Moderator

Just following on from the discussion on points deductions applied and not applied, I see there's a possible issue in the O'Hanlon too.

Blanch had a new, unrated, player play in round 6. They lost to an 850 (who, admittedly, appears to be underrated), but their next appearance was on board 2, ahead of a 1380.

Completely unrated players are to be played according to an estimate of their strength, which is entirely reasonable. But can a new player with one game - a defeat to an 850 - really be considered the 1230 strength needed to play ahead of the 1380?

Hard to be definitive of course based on so few games, but with Blanch struggling to fight the drop, the temptation may be there to get a bit creative with board order. But I'm not sure this instance can be within league rules.

It's a lot of potential issues now for a season. Do we need particular scrutiny next season to clamp down? It's very timely on a volunteer committee of course, but this trend certainly can't be allowed continue

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At least your club plays Blanchardstown in the last round so your team's fate should be in their own hands. I doubt if anything will save them and they cannot bring a new player in for round 11. I don't see Inchicore escaping relegation, given the teams they still have to meet.

I doubt if ratings below 1300 are meaningful unless they are based on a lot of games and stable over a couple of seasons. So there is sense in the current rules.

cdeb Moderator

I agree there's sense in the current rules - but have they been broken in this instance is the question.

They're level with us going into the last round showdown, and ahead of Inchicore, so it's a bit extreme to say nothing will save them. A win will save them.

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Trinity 3 Elm Mount 2 today with one game to be played next week. Our postponed match with Bray is now fixed for the 24th.
Any more results?

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Our player won the postponed board so Trinity 4 Elm Mount 2.

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What was the score in Elm Mount v Drogheda?
In general, reporting of results on the LCU website seems to be way behind reality (especially in the Armstrong).

The result in today's postponed round 8 match was Trinity 5 Bray/Greystones 1.

This should put us in pole position but the situation for the second promotion place remains unclear with three round 10 matches not due to be played until after Easter. Also we are hoping to get back the deducted "reg" point.

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With less than two weeks to the final round, some results from Round 10 are still missing from the LCU website:


Probably some or all of these matches were played in the last few days:
Benildus v Naomh Barrog (which was scheduled for the Storm Emma weekend);
Malahide v Bray/Greystones (scheduled for the 9th)
Drogheda v Inchicore
Gorey v Dublin

Can anybody please post some or all of these results here?
Dublin are the only club that can overtake Trinity.
The relegation battle looks quite tight and without the missing results cannot be evaluated.
Malahide v Bray is the least important match as both clubs are safe but cannot challenge for promotion.

L1m1tless Better Than Yesterday

Drogheda 3.5 inchicore 2.5

cdeb Moderator

Benildus 4-2 Naomh Barróg

So we're level with Blanch, and play them in the last round. Winner takes all

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