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Hi Mossy

Just to point out that the registers are freely accessible at, but not searchable.

Findmypast, RootIreland, Ancestry have searchable access to the registers, with transcriptions - not all transcriptions reliable. If you find links to your ancestors you can check the image on NLI without having to register with any of the paid up sites.

Mossy Registered User

Yup, that's where I got the image in my last post

BottleOfSmoke Registered User

Note on a Catholic Church baptism record in 1901 in Cavan. Hope there was no further stigma as the century moved on.


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Leeside Registered User

Section of Birth Cert giving reason for father's address - " Co Cork Gaol - undergoing punishment for bigamy"

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Here's two marriages from Dunleer in the 1770/1780s.
The first is a sad one:

(I married William Ward a vagabond hawker and Nelly Ryan Ditto as she was dying in Merchards Town before two witnesses).

The second one:

(witnesses Patt Kinnegan and young Kinnegan with the gob, or Bill any many more from Pains Town).

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Came across this one:

The officiating clergyman refused to sign certificate.

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Hermy Registered User

I wonder why?

shar01 Registered User

Hermy said:
I wonder why?

Maybe he wasn't happy with his payment

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Jellybaby1 Registered User

Both of full age and unmarried according to that record. Well he married them anyway but he didn't want to be seen as responsible for doing that. I'd love to know what it was, surely it couldn't have just been a mixed marriage?

spurious Category Moderator

Maybe they didn't pay up.

Jellybaby1 Registered User

Two votes now about the payment. Looks like a possible reason, I wouldn't have thought of that myself.

shar01 Registered User

I just came across it looking for a different Patrick Cunningham in Granard.

I looked up the witnesses - Hugh Doyle (could be brother of Eliza?) - his mother's surnames appears to be Balasty. Agnes Wilson's mother also appears to be a Balasty.

Wilson would strike me as a Protestant name...

Jellybaby1 Registered User

Don't tell me I may have been right after all!

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shar01 Registered User

Or he was just a cranky fceker having a bad day

tabbey Registered User

The clergyman had a legal obligation to register the marriage, but may have felt that it was the limit of his duty, thus far and no more.

Remember in 1845 the RC heirarchy refused to co-operate with civil registration of marriages, on the grounds that matrimony was a sacrament and no business of the state.

this priest may have been from a religious order who previously had no experience of civil registration. His lift may not have reached the top floor, as one might say today.

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