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I just recently bought a Region-Free PS2 and I was just wondering:

I have well over 60 PS2 games - the most I have for any console I own at the moment - and they are all PAL, and going out and buying NTSC versions of most of the same games sounds a bit inexpedient to me. Don't get me wrong I have no problem buying them if I have to, but still - all the games I'm after gathering the past 10 years, it sounds mental to just dump them aside. (Except those that allow 60hz of course)

Is there a way I can force any PAL games I have into NTSC mode?

Sorry for the long and complicated way of asking a simple question ><

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You can but it involves making a copy of the game and using a program to force them into NTSC.

Might not be worth it, the majority of PAL PS2 games have NTSC mode. Some like the bigger Konami games are optimised for 60Hz.

The biggest offender of **** PAL modes is Square Enix and Tecmo Koei. They never once offered a PAL 60 HZ mode and while later games had extended borders they still ran at 50 Hz. Devil May Cry is the only Capcom PAL 50 Hz game and it's an utter travesty. It was so bad the outcry against it forced Sony to offer NTSC modes as an option to Developers.

There should be a list of offending games somewhere on the Intraweb

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