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These championships start tomorrow and act as a qualifier for the Worlds that are on later in the year.If anyone has a stream for this, can they post it up please.

Surprised to see Ward is included as I heard he was going pro.His route to gold might be a bit less taxing as the No1 Russian in his division was denied entry into Ukraine due to issues surrounding the Crimea.

Really looking forward to seeing how McComb will do. He's improved a good bit and his performances in international tournaments have been good. I personally thought he beat Selimov but it was a close fight.

From what I saw in the Seniors it was fairly weak division but not sure why we don't have anyone at 49kg?

52kg ? Flyweight ? Brendan Irvine (St Pauls)

56kg ? Bantamweight ? Kurt Walker (Canal)

60kg ? Lightweight ? Patrick Mongan (Olympic)

64kg ? Light-welter ? Sean McComb (Holy Trinity)

69kg ? Welterweight ? Steven Donnelly (All Saints)

75kg ? Middleweight ? Emmett Brennan (Glasnevin)

81kg ? Light-heavy ? Joe Ward (Moate)

91kg ? Heavyweight ? Darren O?Neill (Paulstown)

91+kg ? Super-heavy ? Dean Gardiner (Clonmel)

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Morrison J Registered User

McComb the only Irish boxer fighting tonight. Not sure what time yet though.

Being streamed here.

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Morrison J Registered User

McComb in the ring now. First bout of the tournament.

Morrison J Registered User

Good win for McComb. Stream was lagging throughout the first but he won the 2nd well and edged a scrappy 3rd.

Walker and Donnelly the Irish out tomorrow

pac_man Moderator

Just looked at the draw. Mccomb is in next against the Russian who he beat a few weeks ago.Tough fight.

HigginsJ Registered User

McComb beat the World No. 1, Dunaytsev. That is a very good result and has bagged him a place at the World Championships.

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walshb Registered User

HigginsJ said:
McComb beat the World No. 1, Dunaytsev. That is a very good result and has bagged him a place at the World Championships.

McComb is the quintessential amateur. Very neat, slick and tidy. 3 rds suits him down to the ground. Great result.

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bobo the clown Registered User

I see the ref stopped Dean Gardiner in his fight. Possibly too early but was never going to win after a knockdown really.

How many boxers qualified for the last world championships from Ireland?

bobo the clown Registered User

Who are realistic medal hopefuls for Ireland this week?

Joe_ Public Registered User

I think it's fair to say all 6 remaining are realistic medal hopes, though the likes of Brennan and O'Neill would appear to have their work cut out. I fully expect both Irvine and McComb to win their quarters and I'd fancy Walker even though I dont know much about the guy he's facing next. And if Joe's mind is on his game, we all know what he's capable of doing.

As for the decision not to send a 49, I think it's questionable. I'm not aware anything was said officially, but if this is a case of Bernard thinking they're just not ready or good enough for this level, surely you're entitled to ask how they are going to improve if you don't expose them to the highest level of competition? At the end of the day, what is there to lose?

alanceltic Registered User

Stunning result from Mccomb, should give him the confidence to go on and medal.

pac_man Moderator

Mccomb is down to fight Pat McCormacks brother Luke.There's nothing fancy about him, just tidy and compact like Pat. Mccomb just needs to watch out for the straight right hand but I think his awkwardness and keeping everything at a distance will hopefully see him into the next round.

pac_man Moderator

Walker on at around 15 minutes on this link

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pac_man Moderator

I think he lost the first round.

pac_man Moderator

Second i think he won.

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