The_Gatsby Registered User

There are a few people on here who's photography I really like. Flickr isn't really the most convenient platform (for me anyway) so I was wondering if anyone would like to post their Instagram accounts here.

(my username is specsy_)

Balfey1972 Registered User

Mine is derekbalfe

bullpost Registered User

Whats instagram?

(Confession - I don't really know what a tracker mortgage is either )

.Longshanks. Registered User
mahamageehad Registered User

I use @nuttymakes on Instagram. I'm only a beginner though and the vast majority are phone shots. I remember following a good few from the old IG thread, looking forward to following a few new people!

YbFocus Registered User

It's car Biased but @YbFocus is mine.

Ben D Bus Registered User

Before looking be advised that I shoot models in studio settings often in various states of undress!

While I adhere to Instagram rules you should probably consider my IG to be NSFW


flyingsnail Registered User

A small bit of everything but mostly sport & wildlife

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