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I've installed hyperspin and rocket launcher as per Simply Austin's instructional video on YouTube.
problem is when I select the game from hyperspin the screen goes blank but nothing loads. The games play perfectly if launched from rocket launcher.
Simply Austin points hyperspin to rocket launcher ui but the official hyperspin video says to just point to the rocket launcher exe.

I've tried both methods but nothing gives.

can anyone help me? if really appreciate a steer on this.

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Do you have your sound card drivers installed ? I noticed before hyperspin wouldn't launch games for me if I didn't have the sound card drivers setup. Dunno why , it was weird.

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Not so much much helpful advice, but if I were you before you get too deep into HyperSpin, change to Launchbox...it's FAR less hassle to set up, looks better, & just works. Hyperspin is nice & all, but after using LB for a while I find HS too flashy & in your face.

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