MegamanBoo Registered User

I'm just starting into retro gaming and I'm interested to know where you guys buy games? A friend of mine has a pretty cool collection and says he gets about 60% on ebay, 20% in Raid and the rest on Adverts. Is that the norm?

I think it would be interesting to know the breakdown, plus I might be able to use this in a college project

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

I still pick up the occasional bargain on Adverts or here on the Arcade and Retro Marketplace, but mostly I find them out in Ebay or Amazon.
Important thing is to take your time, ignore sd cards full of games that you'll never play, and buy a console or two and slowly build a collection of games that you love, setting a budget and sticking to it.

Atavan-Halen <b>He Touched My Breast!!</b>

Nearly all from eBay or other online sites. Occasionally you'll find something out and about at a car boot or charity shop but usually nothing of interest.

eddhorse Registered User

Ebay and Adverts for me, Yahoo Auctions JP is another good place.

Tom Mann Centuria Registered User

Sinclair for Sale on Facebook and Ebay mostly, have bought odd bit on Adverts but the Spectrum prices there are mostly ridiculously over-priced.

Corholio Registered User

Ebay mostly for me too, Adverts on the odd occasion. I know Ebay has this reputation, 'ebay prices' and all that but it's amazing what you can get for cheap on there for many different reasons. Incorrect spelling on items, weird ending times, people wanting quick sales so have low buy it nows etc. Have got some great bargains there the last year or so, even though retro has never been more expensive.

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