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Finally got my dinoking finished and decided to share a few pics, this cab came from olly over in UK and was brought over using a man with van service for a fair price, cab was missing a few bits and very grubby but had no cracks and came up very well after a good scrub. For the artwork I decided to go full side art as I have access to an industrial printer and hadn't seen any of the existing conversions to Jamma with it done. Since the possibility of finding a cute at reasonable price these days is a futile task I decided to go with a similar theme and having a love of progear and art available I decided a capcom cab it would be. After plenty of measuring, paint-shopping and printing heres the end result. Really nice cabs to work on, plenty of room, plenty of information available online from others and very easy keep the internals tidy using much of the existing cabling.

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CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

My god
It's... Beautiful!

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Lovely little cab, well done. What size is the screen in them?

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Thanks! 14' nanao, one of the last 15khz CRTs they produced, beautiful image, roomy too.. fit a cps2 and a mvs 1 slot in there no problem

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Great job, artwork really makes it

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