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I hope this doesn't break any forum rules!

I'm looking for seven RAW images of Dublin Graffiti Art, they are for printing on canvas and are to be hung in a newly decorated Apartment, I'd pay for the images and then I'd look after the printing etc
Six need to be 400mm X 400mm and one needs to be 1000mm X 800mm so JPEG won't do it

magicbastarder Moderator

there's no difference really between raw and jpeg in terms of resolution - saving a raw file into jpeg format won't reduce the resolution.

photographers are often wary about handing over raw files too.

CabanSail ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ʎɹobǝʇɐɔ

As stated above a RAW file will not make any difference to the resolution. A RAW file is data from which an image is made. It then requires processing to make a photo.

Canvas is not a fine resolution medium and can tolerate much lower DPI than a normal photograph on photo paper. I have produced canvases of those sizes from images taken on a 6MP sensor.

paddylonglegs Registered User

Nice idea! Would be nice to see when you have them done.

magicbastarder Moderator

i've actually suggested to the OH that we could get a grafitti artist in to paint one of the walls in our spare room. it's a white box with wooden floors so would look well.

bradnailer Registered User

Ok regarding the RAW images, does anyone have JEPG images of graffiti that they'd like to part with for a fee?
I tried downloading images from the net but the file are small and I don't want to end up getting delivery of several Canvas images that are dreadful. I my just have to dust off the Nikon.................

ED E Registered User

If you find images you like online contact the user and ask for the full res JPG/PNG.

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