pullandbang Hosted Moderator

It's back.....http://peoplesphotography.ie/

Hasn't been much of a Boards.ie presence in the last few years.
Anyone planning on going this year?

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Tiriel Moderator

DCC usually take up a bunch of spaces - I haven't participated since my last time with boardsie. Always a brilliant weekend.

Need to check my diary and get planning perhaps!

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CabanSail ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ʎɹobǝʇɐɔ

I really enjoyed being there last year. Love to take part again but distance is a slight issue.

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dinneenp Registered User

Would anyone be interested in sharing, one day each?

update....just realised I'm on holidays then. That's me out so.

Tiriel Moderator

Very tempting - it would make me more likely to sign up to be honest as I don't know if I'd be able to get the two days free!

dinneenp Registered User

just wondering for anyone who has been part of this-
did you get many people stopping to look, talk, ask questions, ask to buy etc?

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