Mister Vain Registered User

For anybody that uses booms, what do you use as a counterweight? I tried using plates from my dumbells but its a bit awkward. I know some people use sand but that seems a bit messy. I shoot on location, both indoors and outdoors and I can't think of anything practical to put in the bag.

flyingsnail Registered User

I use this style of sand bag, they are double zipped which helps keep the sand in but I have also put the sand into a heavy duty sealed plastic bag before I put it into the sand bags to be extra sure. If you travel a lot with them it might be worth looking at the HurleyPro H2PRO which is a version of those bags deigned to take water instead of sand so you can travel with them empty and fill on location.


gloobag Registered User

I put gravel in my sand bags. Much less mess.

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