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For those of you who look at the New Gets page in the Arcade/Retro forum you will have seen my big bundle I got recently.

There is lot of extra stuff in there that I was not expecting so I want to share the love around and give a random item from Bundle (don't worry it won't be one of the xbox sports titles but it won't be the Panasonic Q either )

Just leave a comment below describing your favorite retro game and why and on Sunday Night 10pm I will randomly pick the person to give the Item to and PM them accordingly.

Suppose I should start off, My favorite game (well the one with my fondest memories) would have to be Alex Kidd in Miracle World (built into the sms2), remember first playing it in one of the Army break when my father was in there, he noticed how much I enjoyed it that that same evening the console magically vanished and reappeared in my room the next morning with a nice big "Property of the Irish Defense Forces" sticker on the bottom of it. Would love to still have it.

(Hope this is Ok with the mods, not sure on the rules for a post like this)

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Tom Mann Centuria Registered User

Has to be Rebelstar on the ZX Spectrum, fantastic turn based strategy. Console wise maybe an odd choice, especially for someone who is not a huge fan of the sport. NHL 94 on the Megadrive. Spent days on end playing it, still play it now on emulation and it ones of the most playable sports games to this day.

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Jack burton Registered User

Streets of Rage 2. Only because i remember renting it constantly with my brother and playing the crap out of it every weekend. Its a game that always sticks with me

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CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

My favourite is Tempest, and 2000 by association.
I didn't play the game initially in arcade, but the Spectrum version was fantastic, and my love of that led to the signature Jaguar title.

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Star Lord Moderator

My favourite is/was The Secret of Monkey Island. It was the first game I'd played with a great sense of humour, and the first to make me have to think my way around puzzles, rather than simply being a matter of bring item X to place Y. Guybrush was an idiot, but a likeable idiot. Some of the puzzles made no sense to me at the time, but as I grew older, the abstract idea behind it made more sense, and the more the game grew on me! The music, the graphics, the jokes, the chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle.

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Inviere Registered User

Very generous of you

My favourite would be A Link to the Past...I had hit that age where you want something a bit more involving, and this game came at the perfect time. From the moment it starts, thundering, lightening and raining, the atmosphere just sucks you right in. Everything from the music, storyline, pacing, difficulty curve, etc, is just, perfect.

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Skerries Registered User

My favourite is Chaos: Battle of the Wizards which I got on the front of a Spectrum magazine
It was made by Julian Gollop of X-COM fame and to look at is pretty ugly but it was the tactical gameplay that suckered me in.
It was you vs either computer opponents or a friend and you are given random spells and a percent chance of them working depending on how good they were
The aim was to kill your opponents and be the last man standing
This game was great for playing against my mates but we did have to look away while their spell page was up which led to much cheating

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Kenjataimu Wanted Level

My favorite game growing up was Paperboy.

I'd never be any good but it was fun at the time putting papers through windows

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frasr Registered User

Have to say frontier elite 2. Too many hours spent on than I care to remember. Really enjoyed the open world feel, the joys of mining and the slow gradual increase in the ranks meant a lot time involved gameplay with the urge to just do something for the craic and spend a good few hours tidying up the mess

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Burzum Registered User

Nice one some great games that I need to add to the collection.

Keep the comments coming guys

sugarman Registered User

Controversial choice, but it has to be Sonic Blast on the Game Gear for me. Solely based on nostalgia/memories and the hours id put into it as a kid. It was the only game I had on the system for the longest time.

I played it again recently after I recapped the game gear and its pretty dull, gameplay is meh... levels are repetitive and its very slow paced for a sonic game, suffering frame rate issues. You also cant see an awful lot ahead of you, or above/below you.. so you can die pretty easily jumping into the unknown.

Its supposed to be much better on the Master System port they released in Brazil a year or 2 later. I must track that down to give a go.

But yeah, favorite doesn't always mean the best!

EDIT: Im absolutely gobsmacked at the listings on ebay for the GG PAL version, CIB (Which mine is) ...circa €500! I knew it was prob the rarest PAL game on the system but thats insane.

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Burzum Registered User

Thanks all for commenting and sharing your favorite game have most of them on my ebay wishlist and will give each a good attempt over the coming months.

And through the magic of googles random number generator Tom Mann Centuria gets a random token from my collection.

Thanks again all and hopefully I get another big get soon so I can do this again

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Tom Mann Centuria Registered User

Ooh, thanks very much. And I got to mention my favourite game, win win. Cheers again.

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Tom Mann Centuria Registered User

Got my awesome surprise through the post today, chuffed with it, thanks Burzum.

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Burzum Registered User

Tom Mann Centuria said:
Got my awesome surprise through the post today, chuffed with it, thanks Burzum.

Great I'm glad its gone to a good home

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