Ben D Bus Registered User

It's back. 25th May. I still haven't finished watching last year's series.

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pegasus1 Registered User

Just seen the Ad for it..:-)

TheQuietFella Registered User

I'll give it another go but I'm expecting the same rubbish as last year!

zeptar Registered User

Thanks. I'll watch it again. I enjoyed the last season. It's not amazing television and I didn't enjoy the xfactor format, but I'd still rather watch a photography TV show than anything else.

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CabanSail ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ʎɹobǝʇɐɔ

I like cooking so I aviod all the cooking competition shows on TV.

Think I will do the same for this as it sounds much the same.

Ben D Bus Registered User

Starts tomorrow.

Leaving Cert student Molly Keane is among the finalists. Good luck to her!

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bullpost Registered User

Watched first episode.

Young girl from Donegal impressed. Talented and bold.

There seems to be more technical detail than I remember from last season, which is a good thing.

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TheQuietFella Registered User

TheQuietFella said:
I'll give it another go but I'm expecting the same rubbish as last year!

I wasn't disappointed!!!

tatranska Registered User

Saw some of it last night and enjoyed it. Ive the judged recorded for tonight.

georgefalls Registered User

Just as good as the first series, if not better.... Great program

homerun_homer Registered User

The contestants appeared to be a better standard from first assignment (in comparison to same round last year) but on the second one many of them really were poor.

I would wonder can they delete pictures as they go. Some of the stuff being shown was ridiculous. I'd have snapped, looked at it and deleted right away. Enjoyng the series so far but the narrator is do badly suited.

homerun_homer Registered User

This thread died a death. Did anyone stick with the show until the end?

The results of the final task were disappointing, especially given no one stood out or could make a good impression with the judges, though they are a tough bunch to please. I think I'm disappointed with the winner overall.

tatranska Registered User

I watched it....disappointed that we didn't get the conversations among the judges.

thought the level of phography was quiet low in the end though she was the best of the 3.
Probably wont bother watching if its on in 2018.

georgefalls Registered User

I saw it through to the bitter end. A worthy winner I thought. Considering she was nearly omitted more than once, she took the advice of the judges, and came through at the end.

I thought it was very good, and I'll be watching again.

manna452121 Registered User

Watched it every week,some strange projects.I liked the idea with the broken mirrors,must give it a go, and she ended up being the winner. Some of the lens seem to be high end budget,I also saw that they were using got one some months ago and its very handy.Looking foward to next year.

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