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Hi folks,

Quick question for y'all. I recently acquired a 2014 Cannondale Supersix Evo which is fitted with Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels. Back in 2013 I upgraded the wheels on my old bike to a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elites.

Is it worth fitting the Mavics to the new Supersix or are the Fulcrum's as good as or even a better wheelset?

One other complication is that the Mavics have a hub to fit a 9 speed cassette but the Supersix is fitted with 11 speed Di2. Is it a handy enough job to have the hub changed so it's compatible with the 11 speed cassette?

Thanks in advance for the help...

nordicb Registered User

I think this boils down to 9 speed hub will not take 11 speed cassette, but other way around is possible, with a correct spacer.

These two wheelsets are in quite different price leagues, but I don't think Fulcrums are a shabby set, also they are Campag design with smooth open bearings, which roll very well.

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clog Registered User

Kysriums would be slightly better specs than the Fulcrum 5's.

No need to change hub. 11 speed cassette will fit a Mavic freehub.

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spyderski Registered User

If they're 2010+ model year Ksyrium elites they'll take an 11 speed cassette, just remove the spacers you'll find behind the current 9 speed one.

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brownian Registered User

Do what the previous owner did - drop a grand on a pair of fancy extralites to pimp up your new bike

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Hatcho Registered User

Just wanted to say thanks to all for the replies. Once the spacer was removed from the hub on the Mavics, the 11 speed cassette went on sweet as a button! :-)

Fulcrums will make for a nice spare wheelset if I ever need 'em...

Thanks again,

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