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I know the midweek races do not always attract a large following here but anyway.
Today is the turn of the semi classic finishing on the Mur de Huy with gradients close to 20% which the riders will have to tackle 3 times in total

Valverde will start as favourite having domiated the race recently but will face competition from Dan Martin and the Sky duo of Henao and Kwiatowski.

Outside of these i will put my ass on the line and predict an appearance of a Cannondale rider on the final podium in the form of Uran or Woods as well as an AquaBlue Rider to get in the breakaway
Pre-race odds shown below

Coverage due to get underway on Eurosport shortly with an expected finish time of 15.30

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Thud Registered User

Tracker is up for this:

Daniel Pearson of Aquablue in the 5 man break 3mins up the road with 67kms to go

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dastardly00 Registered User

Thanks Cunavalos for setting up the thread

I can't see anybody beating Valverde. His form is great, and he hasn't won the previous three editions for no reason.

Maybe, just maybe Kwiatkowski could beat him.

I think Dan is riding for second place. He should make the podium anyway (and that would be a decent result).

pelevin Registered User

Betancur alive & well & gone to keep lone ranger specialist De Marchi company off the front.

dastardly00 Registered User

Carlos Betancur! Jaysus!

dastardly00 Registered User

The second ascent of the Mur de Huy is next up

Jack_K Registered User

Good to see Quick-Step trying something. Martin looks good.

dastardly00 Registered User

Less than 10km to go for anyone thinking of tuning into Eurosport.

dastardly00 Registered User

Jungels is seriously motoring

pelevin Registered User

Just come back to this & Jungels looks like he's putting in a great ride.

pelevin Registered User

Seemed to lose about 20 seconds in about 20 seconds there though!

dastardly00 Registered User

pelevin said:
Seemed to lose about 20 seconds in about 20 seconds there though!

If he had hopped off the bike and stood still, he would've probably just lost the same amount of time

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dastardly00 Registered User

Hopefully Dan is in a good position at the bottom of the climb.
I think he has one team mate with him

dastardly00 Registered User

Dan is well up near the front

pelevin Registered User

The Luxemburger looks cooked.

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