Captain Snow Registered User

Anyone know what has happened the Irish Weather Network?

Is it coming Back?

sryanbruen Registered User

I don't know sorry. I have been looking everywhere. It's very weird that the site still appears in my Google search engine yet when I go into the link, it says that its servers are down, it took too long to respond or that I should check my internet connection.

I wasn't the biggest fan of that site's forum. I found the layout kind of confusing thus why I didn't post on it much.

Billcarson Registered User

Considering how boring and monotonous the weather has been the last few years maybe they all decided enough was enough! Lol

Supercell Happy :)

It was part of but that site appears to be down at the moment, though the map hasn't been working for a very long time. There are some Irish sites on the European weather network -, i wish there was more!

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