Hi there all. I was hoping someone with experience of clothes alterations might be able to help me out.

I'm going to two weddings this year; one in June and one in December. I'm in the process of losing weight currently. I'm not flush at the moment and the weddings are different crowds so I was hoping to wear the same dress to the two weddings. There is a good gap between the weddings and I could drop one or two sizes in that time.

I've just bought the following dress from ASOS:


It has batwings sleeves and the zip is at the back rather than the side. Is this a style of dress that could get taken at the sides to make it a smaller size or would that be impossible with the style? It is an absolutely gorgeous colour, the picture doesn't do it justice so I really would like to get more than one wear out of it even though it is fairly inexpensive.

Any advice at all would be much appreciated so that I can decide whether or not to return it.

Das Kitty Manic Pixie Dream Tarantula ☆゚.*・。゚

If you're taking it to a seamstress, they will definitely be able to take it in.

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Das Kitty said:
If you're taking it to a seamstress, they will definitely be able to take it in.

I like the confident air of this response!

wmpdd3 Registered User

Yes, that will be very easy to take in as long as it's a decent woven fabric, it's hard to work out from the description.

Just let them know that you might be back again to take it in so they can either tuck or dart the lining.

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Thanks, wmpdd3! It's a sort of crinkle material.

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