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Hi, I was thinking of starting to offer private sewing lessons to teenagers and adults in either their home or mine. Do you think there would be any market for this? My day job was tutoring computers and literacy to people with an intellectual disability so I feel that I would be able to do the teaching side. But I'm not so sure about tax, insurance and what to charge. How do I go about this?

flatty Registered User

I would have thought that classes could well be popular enough. Not so sure about private tuition,unless it had a "make your own wedding dress/ballgown/whatever" angle. I'd imagine there may be interest in that.

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carrighead Registered User

That's very interesting, I like the idea of there being an angle, something that could potentially set me apart from the group classes, thank you

baldtooyoung Registered User

It may not take off but I think something along the lines like,teaching work men to fix new zips,sowing holds in the in-between the legs bit and fixing the ends of trousers would be good.
I know myself I feel robbed getting work gear sown and buttons put in can be dear for what it is.

For the record I know nothing about the needle and thread!haha.might be a good idea though,I know a few fellas who would go and learn.

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sareer Registered User

My first thought is if you will also provide a sewing machine to each student for the class. E.g. I would love to learn but don't own one and would take a set of classes before buying one altogether - many may go the same route. 
As with everything it would probably depend on pricing and how you plan to advertise it. I hope you can make it work

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BetsyEllen Registered User

I know a lady that offers crochet lessons in her own home.
Everyone meets there on a certain night, pays her fee and she provides tea/coffee whilst everyone sits around crocheting; she helps everyone individually with different projects and teaches total beginners too.

It's great and hugely popular.

If you have the room could you offer something similar?
Set up some tables with extension leads for the machines to be plugged into, you may be able to fit in a few people at once.

I think you'd have more luck with that than you would with one on one lessons

I done a sewing course a few years back, I paid €180 for a 6 week course including materials and there were about 12 of us in the class.
We made a cushion and an apron over that time (it was for beginners who had never used a machine before)
The machines were provided.

I hope it works out for you, good luck!

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carrighead Registered User

thanks everyone for the great ideas, I'm going to go for it but I want to do it right as I don't want to ruin my reputation/name. lots of work ahead

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