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I'm trying to get hold of headstone transcriptions relating to the above graveyard, however those online relate to the 'new' church only.
They appear to have been published in the following:

060/039, Dublin

Whitechurch Old & Private Graveyard, Co. Dublin, Monumental Inscriptions

The Irish Genealogist Vol 8 No 1 1990 Page 111

By any chance would anyone have a copy of this publication?

Many thanks.

pinkypinky Moderator

Those editions are on a cd which you can still buy from Eneclann. I have a copy but won't be able to check until after the weekend. Dvd player out of commission in my pc.

In the meantime, please post the names you want checked. Someone else here probably has the cd or original journal too.

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Boscod Registered User

Thanks Pinkypinky

Surnames of interest are - Cummins (Commins), McCabe & Hanlon

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One Hanlon that I see in the list -

Hanlon 14 erected by P.K. Hanlon in Memory of his brother Thos Hanlon who died 29th October 1879 age 79 years. (14 is the ref. to the location - near the entrance on the left hand side)

no Cummins/Commins or McCabe.

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