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Hi there,

I'm looking for help finding a specific type of paper that i use for fine liner pens. Unfortunately i was handed a hundred of these sheets many years ago and have been trying to find them ever since. The person who gave me just said that it was 'graphic paper' but that vague answer has lead me in many directions that have no result.

To describe the paper better, it is fairly thick, white sheet, that has a vellum or smooth surface but ink dries fast on it. And does not smudge. They were sheets of A3 size and not attached to any sketch pad. Good for fine liners and markers.

I would very much appreciate if anyone can help me either find the same type or something similar as I've been eating into my pens and bleeding ink on the substitute paper I've been using since running out.

Need A4, A3 and A2 sizes and i don't mind the price so long as they don't degrade over time. (Gallery quality.)

Thank you for your time and any future help.

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Theres a company in the UK that sells supplies for animators, and maybe the paper is the same. http://www.chromacolour.co.uk

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I wonder was it the chalk faced paper that used be used with IBM compositors? Used for cut and paste layouts. I think it was pink on the back and had a kind of velvety white surface.

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