Gas Networks Ireland Verified representative

At Gas Networks Ireland, safety is the top priority. Here are some safety recommendations about what to do if you ever smell gas in your home:

- Ensure that all gas appliances are turned off and have not been left on and unlit.

- Do not smoke or use a naked flame.

- Do not unplug or switch anything electrical on OR off.

- Open all windows and doors.

- If the gas smell persists, turn off the gas at the meter. See our how-to video below or read the guide here.

- Then call our 24 HOUR EMERGENCY LINE on 1850 20 50 50. If you cannot get through, dial 999 or 112. Do not use a phone in the immediate area of the leak, use a neighbour's phone or call from outside of the house. In the interests of public safety all emergency calls are recorded.

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