deadl0ck Registered User

What's the story with the Neo Geo X?
Was looking at them on eBay and they seem to be gone to a crazy price...

o1s1n Registered User

Meant to be pretty terrible!

deadl0ck Registered User

o1s1n said:
Meant to be pretty terrible!

Yep. So I heard. That's why I was shocked by the prices.

Atavan-Halen <b>He Touched My Breast!!</b>

IIRC it was pretty expensive when it came out and like o1s1n said pretty crap too! I assume because it's discontinued eBay sellers are cashing in on it being "R@re"

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Dreadful consoles, while they had the look they lacked in every other dept.
If one could be got cheap you could make it better with a RPi3 inside.

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