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This is kind of an obscure title and post, but looking for some help .

Basically I remember owning what was like a Encyclopedia of Genesis games.
I remember getting it in Dunnes Stores back in the day.

It was a big thick orange book, and it had pics and a little write-up of nearly every sega game.
I then had another 2 small sections, dedicated to Master System and SEGA CD games.

I've been lookin on amazon and other places to find it but no luck so far.

Does this jog anyone's memory...I can't remember the exact title of the book unfortunately

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I have that one, I think.

It was a Mean Machines guide to sega or something. Probably released around mid 1993 as it had SF2 in the preview section of games to come.

Really love that book, my copy is totally worn out.

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Is this one? There was a few of those guides I think

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mozie81 said:

Is this one? There was a few of those guides I think

That's EXACTLY the one.

Great job lads !!

Not sure I wanna spend 45 quid on it, I'll keep the link for when I'm drunk 1 night and reminiscing, I'll buy it then.

Edit : Found a scanned version on EMUParadise that I can view via a Comic Reader, it'll keep me ticking over for the moment.

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That's reminded me .. I have that book somewhere back in the family home. Unless of course a parental unit has mistakenly thrown it out in which case much guilt-tripping shall occur; like the time my dad threw out a near complete stack of 1980s transformers comics.

Must go rummage for it when next I'm back

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