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Hi all

I'm trying to find any reports of an industrial accident in limerick which resulted in a hand/arm amputation. Not sure of year but I do have a name.

Anyone have access to a newspaper database and feeling generous

Hermy Registered User

If you've a name you want to post I'll have a look see.

Gloraghgirl Registered User

Yes and Yes

limericklad87 Registered User

Cheers guys.

Patrick Kelly Limerick. 1903-1979

The company might be irish wire products limerick.

Hermy Registered User

limericklad87 said:

Just checking is this correct?
76 years is a very broad time frame for one of the most common names in Ireland.

limericklad87 Registered User

Tell me about it...

I'm trying to get more information alright

Hermy Registered User

And why those years?
To make a good search I could do with more info - some context.

pinkypinky Moderator

Is that his whole life span?

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spurious Category Moderator

I've found three four Limerick men injured at work losing arms, but no Patrick Kelly.

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Hermy Registered User

Also, Irish Wire Products wasn't established until 1935.

limericklad87 Registered User

ya thats his entire lifespan...

i'm waiting on more information to narrow it down......

Trying to chase down this story is a bit difficult....

This injury occurred prior to 1954

spurious Category Moderator

You'd be surprised how many ghastly accidents happened in Limerick. In more recent times it hasn't been common for papers to name people who didn't die, but there do seem to be regular accounts of workplace accidents being investigated. I will have another look later.

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