shanew Registered User

both civil & church record sub-sites seem to be down at the moment

edit : cant seem to get the census on the NAI site either

pinkypinky Moderator

I always have a ridiculous hope that they're uploading new data when this happens.

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cat_r Registered User

pinkypinky said:
I always have a ridiculous hope that they're uploading new data when this happens.

Same here.

shanew Registered User

they tweeted re a server issue which they are working on...

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Jellybaby1 Registered User

Do I have to sign up for Twitter now, in order to get up to date information?

shanew Registered User

I dont think you need to sign in to see posts - you get a login request window which you can ignore

easiest way is look at IGN :

also posted on IrishGenealogyNews

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Hermy Registered User

All is back now.

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shanew Registered User

still a problem with census images .. and poss. civil register images also

Hermy Registered User

You're right Shane - I spoke to soon!

shanew Registered User

sounds like it was fairly serious problem - wonder if reinstalling software or restoring backups involved....

mickmackey1 Registered User

images still not working grrr....

Hermy Registered User

From Clare Santry :-

UPDATE, 7 April, 11:25am: The National Archives of Ireland has advised that the problem has been identified and the techies are working on correcting it.

And adding loads of new records as recompense for the heartache caused by the cruel absence of these records for so many hours!

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KildareFan Registered User

so I've been wasting my time reporting non availability of images.... would be nice to think they're adding the next year of the records.

Whereisgerry? Registered User

Having withdrawal symptoms here!! They need to hurry up and fix it!

montgo Registered User

Lost without access to these records.  Seems wrong that they should be all on the same server!  Same problem with Tithe record images.  
Not connected, but Historicgraves website down as well.  Fingers crossed that that the problems can be rectified without delay.

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