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Hi Guys,

Looking for glue to stick a small diamanté with metal back to a thin 8mm ribbon on my wedding invites.

I seen E6000 recommended online but seems difficult to get. Is there any other. I was looking at some hot glue guns for cheap enough in woodies but dunno what will work best.

Any suggestions?

New Home Moderator

Ordinary superglue should work but might leave the ribbon a bit stiff, otherwise you could try with some good quality fabric glue, it should work for metal trimmings too, just make sure to follow the instructions on the tube and let it 'cure'.

I can't help you re the hot glue gun, I have one at home but I've never been able to make anything stick properly with it.

You could also try with double sided tape, the strong one that's used to hang mirrors, etc. You should be able to find that in Woodies, too, but you'd have to cut it to size.

Jellybaby1 Registered User

I've used a hot glue gun to glue down some bling which had a metal backing, onto card, but not onto ribbon, and it worked perfectly. I wouldn't use double sided tape though. The quality can vary and I've had some bad rolls and some good rolls. But no harm in trying and give it a good old shake to see. Good luck!

maisiedaisy Registered User

I used a hot glue gun (Locite one I got in B & Q) to stick slightly larger diamantés than those on to ribbon for my sister's wedding. Worked fine, just the hot glue can leave little threads of glue that can be picked off once they dry. That being said you could avoid those if you had more patience and were being more careful than I was!

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