KrakityJones Registered User

Curious if anyone has seen something like this before, first time I've ever seen anything like it

Not the greatest pic but basically a rainbow-like colouring stretching along under the clouds - looks far more impressive and weird in person.

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DOCARCH Moderator

A low bow!

Just to do with the angle/elevation of the sun.

The lower the angle/elevation of the sun, the higher the rainbow will appear...and vice versa.

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KrakityJones Registered User

Pity I didn't have a better camera it looked very odd - an almost alien glow that stretched a fair bit, looked cool anyway!

tricky D NSAbot

Here's what I got...

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DOCARCH Moderator

tricky D said:
Here's what I got...

Great picture!

pauldry Registered User

Saw a lowbow last week too.

No pics unfortunately.

A fogbow beats all. Saw one of them a few months ago while in graveyard. As well as everyone else my phone was dead.

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