debarran Registered User

Can anybody suggest where I can get the end of a roll of newspaper or a quantity of about 4ft by 48ft to use for an upcoming pattern drafting course. I have contacted local and county newspaper offfices but they don't have any. Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.

looksee Moderator

You would need to be asking at a printers that does newspaper printing I think, a lot of them don't do their own printing any more.

wmpdd3 Registered User

For pattern drafting in college we use rolls of newsprint paper, it was sourced when a local paper closed down.
Any college I went to supplied it.

You could get drafting paper (with dots):

Its not that expensive (£6.99 for 10 meters) and you can be mean with it by masking tape you scraps as extensions.,

Though for 48feet, you'd need 2 packs.

Do you have to supply your own kraft paper for your blocks? Thats pretty expensive.....

Rolllo Registered User

Not sure about the size but I know Evans art supplies in dublin used to sell newsprint paper by the roll

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