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I have a feeling that turtles game might show up in the bowling place here

Shapey Fiend Registered User

I wouldn't have high hopes for that Turtles game I don't like Raw Thrills racers and what experience do they have with fighters?

Heading to token now for a bit. I've never learned to play DDR hopefully it's quiet I can embarrass myself on a small scale.

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airmax87 Registered User

...any new games?

BrownFinger Registered User

Shapey Fiend said:
I don't like Raw Thrills racers

Absolute sh1te,you cant even control them you just press the pedal.

Shapey Fiend Registered User

DDR was out of service that day I went unfortunately. Also I got on a nice run with Ghouls N Ghosts, which is nice cos I haven't played it once, until I got to the second level, had to climb a ladder and discovered up on the stick isn't working .

In other news there's a Barcade opening in Cork City in the Mardyke complex. Details are patchy so far in terms of what games they've got, they're waiting for a big reveal. Going to be retro consoles and board games also. I know they've Time Crisis, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong anyway. It's in beta test mode so you can just go in and check I haven't been in Cork in the last few weeks otherwise I'd pop in.

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BrownFinger Registered User

It's called barcardia.
There's a thread here about them
Nice pinballs

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