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I've been shopping for new curtains, Duffy's, Hickey's, and Material World. I'm finding the cost is way beyond my purse. I can make curtains for the smaller windows but I can't manage the bigger ones myself. My windows are 10ft - 15ft wide, some are ceiling to floor drop. Any suggestions of other shops or curtain makers I could try in or near Dublin please.

Jellybaby1 Registered User

Thanks Looksee. It's not so much the drop that's the problem, but the width. For the bigger windows I would probably need 4-6 pairs sewn together. I've been pricing ready mades but the shop assistants say I won't find them in the sizes I need and recommend I go to shops that do custom made, but as I say, its pricey. My cheapest curtains for one of the smaller bedrooms this year cost over €600. Maybe that's cheap these days but it was a shock to me. I will make the bathroom and boxroom curtains myself now I think but the rest will have to wait.

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