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Quick question that I'm hoping somebody can help me out with. I'm due a birthday present off Mrs wicky9 and was thinking of getting a Sportful Fiandre Light no rain vest. I have a long sleeve Gabba so don't have a need for the long sleeve version, thought the best might be a great addition to the back pocket for the spring/autumn and let's face it most summer spins!

Anyone have any opinions?

Is the only difference between the best and the SS option just the short sleeves or is there a different material?

Also, I'm a size medium in the sportfuk club fit jersey and gilet.... Presumably i can go medium for this too?

Thanks in advance

Weepsie Registered User

I have one, but I've never actually worn it beyond trying it on.

It is very light and thin though. I'd trust it's very breathable and decent at keeping wind off. I'd also trust it's good for light showers. Might try it in the next few weeks.

I went a size down than from my normal castelli stuff, and it is quite snug so you'd probably be fine if sticking with your usual size.

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Thanks Weepsie. Think I'll give herself the go ahead!!

Weepsie Registered User

Just to update. Actually worse this today instead of a gilet as I thought it was to be cooler than it was. It can pack up pretty small, though I'd a load of crap in my pockets. It was great at keeping me warm and the wind off earlier, and I probably could have taken off the arm warmers, or brought much lighter ones.

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