Magilla Gorilla Registered User

Long shot here. Would anyone have one of these lying about? Doesn't need to be working, I only want the lever assembly to replace broken lever on my own.
Thanks in advance.

TheDocMan Registered User

Think I've got one. Def cosmeticly perfect and working but spongy shift from what I remember. Let me fish it out first.

TheDocMan Registered User

Yea have that. Used upto 5months ago. Remember now it slipped a gear mid shift every now and then. Not sure if it's a spring sticking etc. Anyway let me know if you want pictures. 25e posted

Magilla Gorilla Registered User

Hi DocMan.

Thanks for the reply.

It's worth a gamble at €25. PM me your details. PayPal OK for you?

TheDocMan Registered User

Sound. PM on the way.

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