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The Ministry has fallen and now Hogwarts is under attack.

Dumbledore is dead. His parting words ring true: It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated. Voldemort claims to be the reason behind the death of his long time foe Albus Dumbledore and having done so begins to recruit what he believes to be the final pieces of the puzzle to defeat Hogwarts and Harry Potter once and for all. He and his army of Death Eaters will wage war on the school in order to crush the last bastion of the wizarding world that opposes him.

The school itself could feel the loss of one of the greatest wizards of all time and decided to try and help those remaining in their fight against the forces of Voldemort. The Sorting Hat appeared, but rather than providing the sword of Gryffindor, it gave a speech about the need for unity amongst those inside the school. Only if they stuck together would they be able to defeat the forces of evil. However, these words did not inspire much confidence in the group so the Sorting Hat bestowed special abilities on certain individuals to help them in their fight against Voldemort. Professor Trelawney, Mad Eye Moody, Rubeus Hagrid and the trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione were selected to harness these special powers for the good of Hogwarts.

Meanwhile, the murder of Albus Dumbledore had a profound impact on two of the key people at Hogwarts. Severus Snape, whilst having worked with Dumbledore throughout his time at Hogwarts, was viewed to have a played a key part in Dumbledore's death and thus viewed with suspicion amongst those in the castle. He also offered help to the student who schemed against Albus in an attempt to follow through on Voldemort's order. Draco Malfoy was unable to kill Dumbledore in the end, but once he saw Voldemort take the credit for the act he was emboldened to show that he was not in fact a coward and he himself began to plot against his former master and also his former schoolmates.

Role descriptions:

The Evil Teams:

- Voldemort - The Leader of the Death Eaters
- Peter Pettigrew is an interesting character. Due to his time as Scabbers the rat, he appears as good to the seer.
- Regulus Black is a Deflector, and therefore is given the option before the game begins as to whether or not he wants to be a Death Eater, or become a part of Dumbledores Army.
- Barty Crouch is drawing on his past impersonation of Mad Eye Moody, and thus can choose one seer check every second night. When Barty dies, his power dies with him.

- Draco Malfoy - has the power to kill a player every second night.

**Voldemort can't die if Harry is alive. Harrys scar will hurt if Voldemort is attacked, and Harry can sacrifice himself to kill Voldemort, however, if he chooses self sacrifice, he must fight alone.**

Dumbledores Army:

- Mad Eye Moody (Seer) - can choose one person during each night phase to check if they're good or evil.

- Trelawney (Priest) - as a professor of Diviniation, Trelawney will learn what role the dead player played.

- Hagrid (Bodyguard) - can choose protect someone each night, however they cannot protect the same person two nights in a row. Hagrid can protect himself. Hagrid also has a one time option of trapping someone in the forest with Aragog if he is suspicious of their role.

- Harry, Ron and Hermione - have access to the Gryffindor Common Room, however they must earn the password through a task to get past the Fat Lady. However, if the Fat Lady sings, the password may change, and access may be revoked.

- Severus Snape - an unfortunate character that appears evil to the seer due to his previous assosciation with Voldemort.



- Dudley Dursley (the school drunk who drank too much butter beer), only remembers his role after a few days, and he may only learn from the sorting hat on the day...


1. mahamageehad
2. tritium
3. quickbeam
4. y0ssar1an22
5. dottie_lottie
6. partyjungle
7. sKeith
8. gufc21
9. Digital Solitude Amandadon
10. Strawberry Milkshake
11. Jayop
12. andy125
13. Lord TSC
14. Raze_them_all
15. The_Valeyard
16. grumpylumpy
17. Uriel.
18. Dan man
19. EMF2010
20. MicksJaguar
21. MrsFlushdraw


Lynch form:



1) Once you are killed do not post in the thread again.
2) Don’t cheat, it’s a game that relies heavily on the players having integrity. No PMing other players in the game, and no chat about the game outside of this game thread.
3) Please all try to reasonably contribute to the game thread and always remember to get a vote in as a minimum. The game is too small to mod kill inactives.
4) No posting of any PM's from the game mod or referring to the content of them.
5) Game starts with a wolf slaughter to be revealed at 10am tomorrow morning.
6) If you've got any questions for me send the mods a message.
7) Win conditions are listed above.
8) Don’t be a sensitive soul. While boards own forum rules clearly take precedence over any in-game rules that I have, this is a game where people will be insulted, there will be some bad language and people will try to provoke a reaction out of each other. Please accept this is part of the game and don’t go annoying the mods with the report post button unless really needed.
9) If someone misses 2 votes in a row without a good reason they will be modkilled by me and replaced with a substitute.
11) Do not share your vote form password to anyone else. All votes for the lynch have to be made by yourself.
12) Have fun, make meme’s, take the piss and try to enjoy the game.
13) The mods have some secrets, but all players have been provided with the information they need to play the game. Mods will not enter into discussion on thread about mechanics of the game, we can discuss issues like that after. Clarification will only be given on things explicitly mentioned in this post.
14) The votes will be published when the Lynch is announced. They will be posted in order of who received the most votes and then in chronological order but with no timestamps.
15) People are free to post in the thread until the lynch and slaughter are announced. You are not dead until a post in the game thread announces it.


Game begins now, first munch announced at 10am.

- win conditions: parity of Death Eaters and Students/SK and only one other alive.

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sullivlo said:

7) Win conditions are listed above.


What are the win conditions?

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quickbeam said:

Bugger it, Yoss!!!

grumpylumpy Registered User

So how's everyone feeling?

Game looks awesome mods, thanks!

grumpylumpy Registered User

quickbeam said:

What are the win conditions?

We're just playing for the joy of participation

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Evening all

Have no clue about HP! saw the first film in 2003 and that was the last I ever watched!

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yay, it starts!!

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Ha harry potter, this should be entertaining. Will give the roles a scan on break.

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Hello fellow students, you all have wands in your pockets or are yas just happy to see me?

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andy125 said:
Hello fellow students, you all have wands in your pockets or are yas just happy to see me?

I told you it was a magic wand I was just in the wrong thread.

Also Andys a wolf

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Ha, I had no idea this was starting today! Awesome

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Lord TSC said:
Ha, I had no idea this was starting today! Awesome

Oh yeah same... Certainly wasn't sitting at home refreshing boards all day....

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grumpylumpy said:
Oh yeah same... Certainly wasn't sitting at home refreshing boards all day....

Waving your wand, screaming Accio Werewolf Thread!

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MicksJaguar said:
I told you it was a magic wand I was just in the wrong thread.

Also Andys a wolf

Hello mick, shall we be friends this time or mortal enemies once again?

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