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Ok, so basically I love me crafts and have moved onto jewellery making. As a hobby, not to sell. But you never know.

So anyhow, I bought a basic jewellery making kit (pliers, wire etc), on ebay and that was fine but it wasn't long before I was scouting around for beads and 'findings'.

I discovered Ireland may not be the best place to take up jewellery making as getting beads delivered from UK/USA is either v expensive or buying from China means a loooooooong wait. I am still waiting on a order I placed 8 wks ago.

I did find a few Irish based suppliers of beads and if anyone wants to add to the list please feel free. We can help each other. Please only post Irish suppliers or suppliers you have purchased from and can recommend.

I will start the ball rolling.... Irish Bead & Jewellery Suppliers

---------------------------- (Not a great variety but v cheap. Basic supplies but I got my order in lightening fast time). (Has great tutorials as well as bead supplies) (They sell Lucky Dip Bags!! Based in Ireland even tho they deal in the £. I bought one of these bundles, great value for money and freeeee postage).

More to follow...

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I thought this place was already well known:

If you Google "jewellery making supplies ireland" you will find more.

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Hi Jellybaby!

The only thing I would say about Yellow Brick Road is they are not cheap and they have a minimum order in place.

Just purchased 200 8mm glass beads from beads100 for €1.99

This beads thing is addictive! haha

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Ah yes, the craft bug, caught it myself many years ago. I learned the hard way that the best way to spend money was to catch a craft bug!! Enjoy your crafting! Sorry couldn't be more help, I'm not into beads..........yet!!!!

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