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Hi All!

Hoping ye can help me out here. We set up a suggestion box in work where they asked us to think about what we'd like and I put in "A pinball table" and believe it or not, they are thinking about it!

However, I've been asked to do follow up research on it, so I can present my case!
The details they are looking for are:

  • Where to get a table?
  • How much?
  • Warranty options
  • How often do they need to be serviced?
  • Who can service it?

Second hand tables are welcome, and probably preferred as I'm pretty sure there is a limit here in funding. I'm coming to you guys as I know there are definitely some guys here who either have tables or had them previously.

Hoping ye can help!


Jack burton Registered User

really depends, for a good second hand table that will be reliable. Id say you#ll have to get one from the UK. Tell them for about €2200 they would get a great reliable one. That will cover your cost for a well restored machine and shipping from the UK

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