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Thanks to Kevin Bradshaw (aka Mr. Data) for letting me know about this. May-July 2018 was a record breaker in terms of sunshine totals for NW England & N. Wales back to 1929. It recorded a total of 763.8 hrs which beats the previous record of 704.3 hrs in 1989.

This total also beats the sunniest Summer (June-August) on record for the areas which was 1976 with 681.5 hrs. Extraordinary stats I have to say.

Maximum temperatures are another standout for that period in NW England & N. Wales.

May 2018: 17.3°C 2nd warmest ever May

June 2018: 20.3°C 2nd warmest ever June

July 2018: 22.3°C 3rd warmest ever July

The maximum temperature for May to July 2018 average at just under 20.0°C. They were only 5 "summers" (again June to August) since 1929 warmer than this in terms of maximum temperatures.

Last but not least, rainfall totals are interesting, only summers 1976 and 1995 were drier than May to July 2018 for summers since 1929 in NW England & N. Wales.

A real historical period of weather May to July 2018 was for the regions named.

Data originally comes from the UK Met Office.

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mickmackey1 said:
If we look at the extreme records page -

It says the wettest April day was in Cloone Lake (Leitrim) and the wettest September day was also in Cloone Lake, but in Kerry. Is that a typo?

I can confirm the wettest April day is also referring to Kerry. Leitrim is definitely a typo.

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Only 408mm of rain from January to September at casement weather station in West dublin, incredibly dry year. Only 660mm fell all year at dublin airport last year. Dublin has been so dry in recent years

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What a day it has been for stats here! Final stats of the day, the period May to September 2018 was the DRIEST on record for Dublin Airport back to 1942 with a total of only 155.7mm of rain beating the previous record of 181.8mm in 1995.

Data comes from Met Éireann.

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Haven't seen anyone saying this but the air pressure of 1041.3 hPa at Cork Airport and Sherkin Island on the 24th September is the joint highest pressure on record for the month of September. The other time air pressure this high was recorded was in Malin Head on the 11th of September 2009 (nice to see another similarity between 2018 and 2009 by the way). There's 2018 at it again

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This coming Wednesday (10th October 2018) is reminding me a lot of the stunning day of Sunday 8 October 1995 which recorded blue skies for the vast majority of the UK with temperatures as high as 25c in London, even up to 21c in the Scottish highlands. Ireland tended to be cloudier but even here for a lot of places, there was plenty of sunny spells to be enjoyed.

Various maxima over the UK:

25.6c at Hawarden (equal highest temperature on record for the 8th October in the UK with the 8th October 1921 - see table below)
24.6c at Heathrow
24.1c at Cambridge
23.5c at Elmdon
23.0c at Ringway

In Ireland, places had their warmest October conditions on the 8th Oct 1995 since 1969 and 1959 including Malin Head recording 20.6c (since 1959) and Shannon Airport recording 21.1c (since 1969). Dublin (Merrion Square) recorded a maximum temperature of 22.5c whilst Dublin Airport had a maximum of 21.0c, the latter being the third highest October temperature on record at the station behind 21.2c on 2nd October 1971 and 21.1c on 1st October 1971. The southeast had nearly a full day's worth of blue skies. It certainly must have been a glorious Indian Summer day in October 1995.

Data comes from the UK Met Office and Met Éireann.

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