Oscar Bravo Registered User

Plenty of lightning West of Achill now

Storm 10 Registered User

We had thunder and lightning in Galway in a very heavy hail shower.

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Oscar Bravo Registered User

Plenty of strikes between Enniskillen and Cavan at the moment

Meteorite58 Moderator

Looks like a chance of lightning tomorrow afternoon / evening .

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Day 2 Convective Outlook
VALID 06:00 UTC Tue 28 Mar 2017 - 05:59 UTC Wed 29 Mar 2017

ISSUED 18:09 UTC Mon 27 Mar 2017


A shortwave trough will migrate NE from Biscay and across the British Isles on Tuesday, accompanied by cool mid-levels and hence steeper lapse rates. Assuming this phases favourably with diurnal heating, several hundred Jkg-1 CAPE will allow scattered showers and a few thunderstorms to develop. However, there is a chance that the upper trough may move through slightly too early for peak heating.

Nonetheless, a SLGT has been introduced where there is some reasonable confidence for an overlap of instability and upper-level support for at least a few scattered thunderstorms to develop, especially during the afternoon/early evening. It is plausible another SLGT may be needed for portions of E Wales and the Midlands into southern parts of N England, but forecast profiles look drier farther east with hints of capping - so while a few showers and/or thunderstorms are also possible here, they are likely to be more isolated / well-scattered in nature, and hence coverage perhaps not high enough to upgrade to SLGT at this stage.

Given instability and dry air aloft, hail up to 1.5cm in diameter is possible in the strongest cells.

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JCX BXC Registered User

ME have it mentioned in their forecast also.

Oscar Bravo Registered User

Recent lightning near Castlerea

Mars Bar I belong here. As do you.

Oscar Bravo said:
Recent lightning near Castlerea

The skies were pure black when I left Fairymount so that's not a surprise!

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Oscar Bravo Registered User

Plenty of lightning just east of Enniskillen now. Intense showers also near athlone

Storm 10 Registered User

Torrential shower in Galway huge raindrops

JCX BXC Registered User

Lots of convection going on around me here in West Clare

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Meteorite58 Moderator

A few sferics the last couple of days and marginal possibility for a few tomorrow as well but I wonder will Fri see a lot more activity post frontal rain in the afternoon / early evening ?

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sparrowcar Registered User

Any upgrade IYO for today/tomorrow Meteorite58?

Iancar29 Registered User

06z shows a risk for the NW this evening. Initiating over land then quickly moving out over water. Could still put on a light show for people near the coast.

Decent shear for storms to organise. Could be some nice hail in places before it moves over water.

One worry though would be the cloud moving up from the south which may limit initiation. http://en.sat24.com/HD/en/eu/visual

Ts1.png Ts2.png Ts3.png
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Oscar Bravo Registered User

Lightning just north of Sligo town just now

DOCARCH Moderator

Sferics running up the Irish Sea atm: http://brunnur.vedur.is/athuganir/eldingar/i_dag_na.html?

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