Oscar Bravo Registered User

Lightning just north of clonmel

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JCX BXC Registered User

Strikes earlier east of Cork City,
A number of recent strikes near Cashel, and one recent strike between Lismore and Fermoy.

When thunder is not in the forecast we get it!

DOCARCH Moderator

A new thread for a new season.

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Meteorite58 Moderator

Big convection going on all right, some nice Cb's moving inland, charts showing some potential for sferics going into the night.

Pic : Taken here near Tralee short time ago.

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Clonmel1000 Registered User

Saw 2 flashes and heard one loud clap of thunder.

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Meteorite58 Moderator

Sferic showing up already this morning

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Meteorite58 Moderator

Wonder will we see a squall line cross southern counties in the early morning during the frontal passage, plenty of wind with it and some instability and wind sheer. The SW has potential for thunderstorms tomorrow, mostly offshore if they happen I would think.

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Hal1 Registered User

VALID 06:00 UTC Sun 05 Mar 2017 - 05:59 UTC Mon 06 Mar 2017

An area of low pressure will cross central Britain through Sunday and unstable air to the south of low could help to trigger some heavy showers and a few thunderstorms, especially across southwest and south central England. There will be decreasing DLS in the wake of the low pressure passing by, however LLS along with coastal convergence could help generate a few funnels or weak tornadoes, especially along the south-central coast of England during the mid to late afternoon.

Source: http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2017-03-05

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Meteorite58 Moderator

Forecast for wintry showers Mon evening, possibly thundery as well along Western coasts.

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Meteorite58 Moderator

Day 1 Convective Outlook
VALID 06:00 UTC Mon 20 Mar 2017 - 05:59 UTC Tue 21 Mar 2017

ISSUED 22:31 UTC Sun 19 Mar 2017


... ENGLAND ...

Strong DLS across the double-structured cold front will likely result in some notable line convection developing as it tracks gradually eastwards, especially from the Midlands / W Country across to E Anglia / SE England. There is a non-zero chance of some embedded lightning with this activity, although the main risks will be a brief spell of very heavy rain and strong gusts of winds. Slight chance of a tornado too.

The post-frontal environment will be characterised by ever-steepening lapse rates as cold air aloft overspreads relatively warm SSTs. Showers will become frequent across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on Monday, becoming more widespread into England and Wales on Monday night. A broad LOW has been issued to cater for rather sporadic lightning activity possible with these showers, accompanied by some small hail (and sleet/snow on high ground in particular, but not exclusively so).

Meteorite58 Moderator

Potential for lightning activity in some Northern areas this evening perhaps .

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Oscar Bravo Registered User

Recent lightning near Achill island

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Meteorite58 Moderator

Just off Wexford also, big showers across the country. Not much activity yet, maybe as the evening goes on.

Dew Points

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downwiththatsor Registered User

Saw some lightning near Farranfore ten mins ago.

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missfarmer Registered User

Lightning here in North West Cork

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