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Hi all, dug out a bunch of forgotten arcade games a few days ago. Wondering whether to just sell or keep, but either way need to 1) test them somehow (no longer have a cabinet), and 2) repair them.

All kept in good condition, hopefully most are still working. I posted on UKVAC, and a friendly fellow Irishman suggested posting here too!

I think the "99%-sure-to-be-fecked" games are captain commando and cadillacs and dinosaurs. If its only the batteries, anyone here able to do the phoenix workaround? (a bit different with cps1.5 I know)

Also have a killer instinct 2 with original hard drive, was cursed with the blue screen of death. Anyone here able to give it a bash at revival?

Thanks all, hope to bring these great games back from the dead!

moonlighting Registered User

If you plan on selling let me know. been looking for cadillacs and dinosaurs for a while now.
Arcade pcbs can be very tricky to fix. an engineering/electrical background helps. I recommend cleaning the pcbs. checking power circuitry. replacing bad capacitors etc first. check for pcb rot. then move onto the roms. for messing with roms you need some serious hardware. willem eprom programmer etc.

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There's a guy over in the UK called irongiant who seems to be the go to guy for pcb repairs over there.
Expect to pay a hefty price though.

If Cadillacs is original then you are sitting on a small goldmine if working.

eddhorse Registered User

Welcome, there might be a few board repairers here lurking alright.

Saw your post on UKVAC, nice collection, they do take up some space.

Where are you based? Might be worth testing the others on someones cabs if we are nearby.

mystfish Registered User

thanks for the replies, yeah its tricky to get them fixed. I remember years back sending an xmen to Sweden to reprogram the roms! Used to have some equipment for testing etc but that's all long gone now.

I think my best bet is finding someone local that wouldn't mind sparing 30 minutes to try the games. Based in Dublin here, so if anyone fancies it, just let me know, be greatly appreciated!

When it comes to repairs, would obviously much prefer someone local, or at least in this country. I vaguely remember a guy on saying that he would phoenix boards. Might look into that. Thanks again, and any other recommendations always welcome

BrownFinger Registered User

one of the lads here will phoinix it but i dont think you have to do it anymore because the decryption has been cracked.
new flash a new eeprom and off ya go.
I've a eeprom programmer and a jamma cab if naas tho.

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Saw your post on vac ... Some of the valuation s are on the high side but most are there or there abouts...
I'm sure someone localish should be able test .at least all you've listed are Jamma boards so makes it easier.

I love cads ,bought it twice ,but some of the figures that have been quoted over the last year are getting silly. I baulked when I payed nearly 200 the 2nd time around .. if broken it'd still worth a few quid. I'd test for you but just too far away

CathalDublin Registered User

I can Phoenix any of them for you, based in Donabate, or can parcel motel, I've done a few at this stage, never repaired a KI though so can't help there although would probably give it a shot if it's just software.

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CathalDublin Registered User

I've a defender cab wired for JAMMA, you are welcome to test them all on some evening if you like.

mystfish Registered User

thanks for the replies, I got in contact with mitchomagic and he offered to help test the games, but hes very busy at the moment.

Cathaldublin, yeah I'd take you up on that offer if you don't mind! I'll be free for the next few days, if that suits just let me know. I'll pm my number.

Makes me want to get a cab again!

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