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Selling a few bits that came off a brand new bike. Had these at the car boot sale in Balrothery but didn't sell, had decided to hang onto them but think I'll sell them now as they aren't going to be used. Everything is brand new, zero miles on them.

Tiagra 4700 shift kit. Would rather sell this all as one piece. Black 10 speed. Includes front derailleur, back derailleur and brake/shift levers. Buying them seperately works out around 210 euro from most online shops. I'll sell the full set for 150 euro. That's the price of the shifters alone usually. These have zero miles on them. €150

FSA Gossamer crank. BB30. Need to double check but nearly 100% sure it's a standard double with 172.5 cranks. Again zero miles. Retail is around 110-120 euro, I'm looking for 80 euro. €80

Tektro brake calipers. Black. No use, no wear on the pads at all. (just need to double check someone else hasn't stripped the pads but pretty sure they haven't.) €20

Cannondale Alu bars. Not 100% on size but going to call them a small 42. Again zero miles on them. Not a bad set of bars. €20.

Based in North county Dublin and work in Dublin 4. Don't really have access to a car so would need to meet somewhere around there or we can try sort something. Would rather not post. If someone wants more than one thing we can do a deal on price.

keppler Registered User

I'll offer 125 for the shifters and derailleurs. If you accept I could meet you somewhere in or around Balbriggan on saturday?

joey100 Registered User

I'll accept that offer but I'm not around this weekend. I'm out of the country from tomorrow until Wednesday but if your still interested after that we can def sort something.

keppler Registered User

Thats grand. Sure drop me a pm when youre back and we can arrange an exchange so.

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karlsks Registered User

..Interested in Tektro brakes(if not long reach)..Could offer 15e..To meet anywhere in Dublin next Mon-Wed..Thanks and Good Luck!

joey100 Registered User

Pretty sure they are normal reach. Checked and brand new pads on them too. I'll accept the 15 euro. Based in Dublin 4. Send me a pm and we can sort out getting them to you. Down the country at moment and internet is patchy but I'll do my best to reply.

karlsks Registered User

..Ok Great!Just sent You Pm..Thanks!

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