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Tomorrow, the 1st of March, we may see local spot flooding, strong winds and possibly snowfall by evening.

No other way to start Spring!

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Oneiric 3 Registered User

Was not a 'Spring' thread just opened just a couple of days ago? It isn't that exciting a season that we need two separate threads for it.

Oscar Bravo Registered User
JCX BXC Registered User

That's kind of a look ahead thread for the sun lovers into the Spring and Summer is it not?

I'm sure the mods will do what they find more suitable.

MJohnston Registered User

My pedantic self says that other thread is poorly titled and likes the conformative naming at play in this thread.

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coillsaille Registered User

Spring is here alright (officially at least), so will posts about the wind event tomorrow be in this thread so or will it get it's own I wonder?

RobertKK Registered User

Possibility of blizzard conditions on high ground tomorrow?

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If you look at the opposite end of the year, the start of autumn in September, it's not unusual to start off with 25 or 26C daytime temps and nights in the mid teens. So the same for March it is as normal to start off wintry as any spring like conditions.

Also September and October (the first 3 weeks at least) often provide lovely dry weather with temperatures close to 20C and the weather can be quite summer like, and in many cases better and drier than summer, only with shorter days. March and April are a little like that in the way they can sometimes feel more wintry than the winter months. Frost at night, sleet, snow on hills, a lot of hail, cold north west to north easterlies. In April the sun can be strong and feel lovely in the shade and next thing the wind rises, cuts you in two and you have hail and sleet.

The transition to colder weather in the autumn and warmer weather in the spring is often a long process.

Now you get exceptions. September and October 1992 and October 1993 were very autumnal and bordering on wintry at times. March 2012 was exceptionally mild and almost like the month of May, late spring.

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RobertKK Registered User

Seems to be a lot of potential snow in the forecast, especially for south Leinster and the east.



A wet start in the southwest, but most other areas dry tomorrow morning with some sunshine in the midlands and north, and frost clearing. Rain will spread northeastwards through the afternoon, turning heavy in places with local spot flooding possible, but much of Ulster will stay dry until evening apart from scattered showers. Becoming very windy in parts of Munster and south Leinster with possibly severe winds in coastal fringes. Rain will turn to snow in places especially later in the day. Top temperatures just 5 to 8C.


: A cold and cloudy day with scattered outbreaks of rain, turning more persistent across the south of the country during the afternoon /evening; highs of 6 to 8 degrees in moderate southwest breezes. Rain continuing in the south overnight, may turn to snow in parts of south-Leinster. Otherwise cold and frosty.

Friday: Rain mixed with sleet and snow will continue to develop over Leinster and parts of Munster during the day. Connacht, Ulser and west Munster will remain largely dry. Highest temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees. Further rain and snow in the east and southeast overnight, cold and frosty elsewhere.

Saturday: Last of the rain and snow gradually clears from the east during Saturday; most other parts of the country dry, and brightening everywhere during the day. After a cold and frosty start temperatures will rise to between 6 and 8 degrees. Cold and frosty again overnigh

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After a quiet and mild winter March could turn out the most wintry month yet. GFS models on netweather.tv is suggesting it.

Andy From Sligo Registered User

I got another yellow weather warning for wind on my phone for wednesday 13:00hrs to Thursday 5am

M.T. Cranium Registered User

Quite unusual to find that some models develop a small but vigorous low later Wednesday into Thursday early morning, track from central Connacht to north Leinster, and others have almost no development. I can see the seeds for this low on the current satellite imagery. If the models with no storm come on board on the 00z runs then we should go with a level one thread on this risk, similar areas to Doris but not as strong. Even the stronger depictions would suggest 55-60 knot gusts at worst. Would think 40-45 knots for Dublin (06z Thursday), a bit stronger than that in north Leinster.

Let's revisit this around 0600h and get a thread started if appropriate.

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Graces7 Registered User

The wind howled and rattled all yesterday from the small hours until very late and heavy rain.

Finally got some sleep then.

Seems a small lull this morning so hoping to head out for supplies before the next gale.

Grateful for all the advanced warnings. Thanks everyone..


BBC news 24 has tonight's rain extensively turning to snow for a time across a huge swathe of the midlands across even to Dublin
Large dumps on high ground by the looks of it

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Kermit.de.frog Registered User

An interesting evening ahead.

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