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EoghanIRL said:
I am currently starting to play chess.
I am using and find it very good.
10 minute games usually don't end with check mate but with time running out so I prefer 30 min games.

Also read the first 100 or so pages of Bobby Fischer's chess book online.

Even though I understand the concepts discussed such as back rank mates etc.. I struggle to set up these positions in matches.
Particularly struggling with openings at the moment , never sure when to trade off pieces early on.
Can anyone recommend a resource to help with openings ?

I found openings the most stressful time of a game. I picked the stonewall opening and implemented it for all situations. Not a great idea but good for a time. Then came Chessable. John Bartholemew has a D4 repertoire for white. I learned another opening for black against E4 and the only reason I'm not studying more openings (when in doubt I play the KID... badly) is that I know its not as value added as looking at tactics or playing a game.
Regarding positions, I wouldn't try to engineer them at this stage. I made a post on this thread earlier containing videos. Try those. Simple thing like a pawn break. Take, ignore or pass. Making an educated decision on looking for future problems is far better than "**** it, I'll take it".
Regarding time, go for the 15 10 games. 15 min, 10 sec increment. Increment makes a massive difference. You'll get the benefit of making thought out moves but with some time pressure.
Honestly, if you make 0 clever moves, just get bog standard boring moves down , cut down on blunders and defensive inaccuracies and you will improve dramatically.
Personally I like studying chess but I can understand why sitting down studying it would be difficult/uninteresting. I think for maximum progress with minimum effort, watch an informative video and force yourself to learn 1 point from it. Then play a game or 2.

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I have recently given this a go as it seems to be getting popular. I cannot get used to the interface (can you do a pre-move etc?) and frequently lose on time because of that.
That said, any place there are good players is a good place to play. Although I find chess24 interface much better and my rating on there is much higher

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Premoves can be enabled. Look in your settings.

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fizzypish said:
Premoves can be enabled. Look in your settings.

really ? will have a look. that is the feature that frequently stops me losing on time.
If it has that and makes some enhancements to the interface it should be ok

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First off, well done on the win. The nature of chess analysis is that it tends to be a lot about mistakes. I've had many a game that I was happy with, only for a computer to tear it to shreds. It can be a bit disheartening - so don't forget that you did win!

A couple of quick comments -

3. Bb5+ is a mistake. The check doesn't achieve anything; black should reply 3. ... c6!, when you've to move your bishop again, and black is gaining extra presence in the centre of the board. Instead, 3. d4 is a nice aggressive move which takes a share of the centre and ensures the game will be nice and open.

6. ... Bg4 is a mistake for black for two reasons. First, it breaks a golden rule of the opening - don't move the same piece twice unless necessary. And second, it allows you to sac your queen! You can play 7. NxP! and if black takes your queen, you have 8. Bxf7+ Ke7 9. Nd5 mate! So instead, he has to take your knight, but you take the bishop then, and you're a pawn up and flying.

7. ... BxN is a mistake for black for three reasons. First, the poor bishop has now moved three times while all black's other pieces are at home doing nothing. Secondly, there's no reason to swap off the bishop for the knight - black doesn't gain anything; in fact, it looks like the game will be an open one, in which case the bishop is worth hanging on to. And thirdly, white now has two big pieces pointing at f7... Note it's as important to learn from your opponent's mistakes as your own.

8. ... d5 for black obviously just hangs a pawn, as you saw. But taking with the bishop is much stronger - it creates two threats. One is to take the rook on a8, and the other is to checkmate on f7. Black has to deal with mate, but then loses a whole rook.

The same idea creates another tactic a couple of moves later. Instead of 11. a4, you can play the unusual-looking 11. Nb4! The knight moves to a square where two pieces can just take it - but because of the mate threat on f7, black has no time to capture the knight, and instead, it's the black knight on c6 that's doomed, as white will take it once black deals with the mate threat.

Why is black in so much trouble so early? Simple - no development. After 8 moves, you've two pieces and a queen in the game, and black has no pieces developed (bar the bishop which he swapped off). You're castled, and black is nowhere near ready to castle. This adds up to a big advantage for you, and from move 8, you should already be thinking about a way to kill the game off (in this case, 9. Bxd5 would have done the trick)

Once you drop in 15. Nxc7+, there's hundreds of ways to win, and you finish it off fairly clinically. You did miss mate in 2 on move 22 with 22. Qd7+ Kf6 23. Qd6# - but black walked into mate in two for you anyway. But this doesn't matter. Once you're that far ahead, any straightforward win is fine.

A nice open game with plenty of tactics - just a shame you didn't spot 7. Nxe5! I'm not sure if I'd have spotted it myself - it's a pattern I've seen before, but not that often, so maybe this game will reinforce it for me, and I'll spot it in my own games when the chance comes along.

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Thanks for the feedback. I only play very casually but it's starting to grow on me.

You can't see from the gif but in this match I was certainly losing on time, something I feel I need to work on.

A fair amount of people actually play chess I have been finding out! One person I know has a rating >1600. Fair to say I won't be taking him up on his offer anytime soon haha.

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