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hammy007 said:
In fairness, they are all estimates, and can't truly be relied upon with certainly. I actually found my new FTDNA ethnicity results more similar to my Ancestry results, whereas before they were a good bit different.

They are estimates, yes. It's just disconcerting to see an upgrade make the estimate less accurate than it was before.

Maybe I'm an outlier in this case, I don't know.

pinkypinky Moderator

The tests come from and go back to a lab in the USA. It's just customer service and finance on Sir John Rogerson's Quay.

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JamboMac said:
That saliva sample is difficult and I feel there may be more than saliva, here's hoping it's a good sample.

I had to do it twice. About three weeks after i sent mine in (to Ancestry) i got another testing kit in the post with a note saying my last saliva sample wasnt good enough. Second time worked fine though.

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Anybody else get the lovely email that coz they where busy during Christmas it's gonna be a delay? It's now nearly may, Christmas should not effect may. In all fairness it's only week 3 since I sent it just worried that this delay could end up being 3 months or something.

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