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leck said:
For those who either tested with MyHeritage or uploaded there, are the matches found on MyHeritage consistent with the matches seen on GEDmatch (in the cases where people have kits in both places)? I belong to a GEDmatch group and I'm always slightly dubious when people post about their matches on MyHeritage.

I tested with MyHeritage and uploaded the results to Gedmatch and FTdna. My closest match in each of the three is the same individual.
Results as follows
Total cM, Total Segments, Longest Segment
MyHeritage 100.9, 7, 25.6
FTDna 140, ?, 25
Gedmatch 99.7, 5, 30.4

The Gedmatch longest segment seems anomalous but I suspect the differences in total cM may be due to different minimum segment sizes (7 cM in the case of Gedmatch).

The number of my matches in MyHeritage jumped exponentially over the weekend and interestingly, one person who was previously a match is now noted as being unrelated.
I find that navigating the matches in MyHeritage is difficult due to the low number of matches per page, much easier to look at the FTDna and Gedmatch lists.

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Just curious, but in relation to the DNA test by Ancestry, how far back in years does it realistically detect your ethnicity from?

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The dawn of time....the ethnicity is all just a bit of fun. It shouldn't be taken seriously.

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