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Be in with a chance to win a €100 voucher for Click&Go to use on a getaway of your choice!

To be in with the chance to win the voucher, tell us what type of holidays you are most interested in and why. Sun holidays, family breaks, city breaks, something else?

The winner will be chosen at random on 28th February 2017

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Take Your Pants Off Registered User

Family break. I would love to travel outside with my family and we all get a break and enjoy ourselves together.

magicray Registered User

We love City Breaks, its great to get away for a few days to see a new place and try some local food

EmmaH1997 Registered User

I would love to go on a sun break with my friends and just have the craic and let our hair down

lotsofthegreen Registered User

Sun Holiday as we crave sunshine and heat

SouthernBelle Registered User

My family loves Orlando. It has something for all of us. If I fancy a lazy day by the pool, I can let the rollercoaster mad kids and dad off to the theme parks. Plenty golf courses for the boys to choose from while the girls spend time shopping - although the male family members love the Florida shopping too.

Axwell Moderator

A city break or a holiday with a few days in the sun would be great - need to get away from work for a few days and switch off!

Mountjoy Mugger Registered User

City break in Paris to pop the question.

Mars Bar I belong here. As do you.

Sun holidays! I've done two city breaks in the last 12 months (London and Rome) so I'm looking to change it up this year.

I've got a wedding in Croatia in August for a friend of 21 years but struggling to make it happen at the moment.

Dovies Registered User

We love a mix. Love Italy - a few hours by the pool in the morning and then a local village for lunch and a drive around. Couple of hours by the pool late afternoon and then another village for dinner.

Love short city breaks too - Amsterdam, Oslo, Rome

sexyfirepants Registered User

City break to Prague to do some street photography Its amazing architecture, cobble-stoned streets, artistic buildings and history are only a few reasons why I'd love to explore it more.

degzs Registered User

Sun Holiday with beach and .....

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padski08 Registered User

Cant beat a City break. Get away and experience a new City for a few days. So many to chose from that are within a few hours flight of Dublin too

Monife Registered User

Sun holidays are our favourite. Planning a big one this year for my 30th and my husband's finished his degree in May

xtal191 Registered User

Family holidays, hopefully one planned for a 70th this summer.

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