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Final stats for February for Dublin 16.

Mean Max: 9.6c
Mean Min: 3.8c
Mean: 6.7c

Max temp: 14.8c (17th)
Min temp: -1.8c (05th)

Air Frosts: 3 days
Snow Falling: 4 days
Snow Lying (at 0900): 0 days
Thunder Heard: 0 days

Total Rain (0000-0000): 59.0mm
Rain Days: 20
Max Rain Day (0000-0000): 14.4mm (02nd)
Max Rain Rate: 54.0mm/hr (26th)

Highest air pressure: 1031mb (11th)
Lowest air pressure: 971mb (02nd)

Mean Air Pressure (recorded at 0900 each day): 1009mb

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joujoujou Registered User

Palmfield City weather summary for February 2017:

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute) 5,3
Mean (min+max) 5,8
Mean Minimum 2,4
Mean Maximum 9,2
Minimum -2,4 day 11
Maximum 12,6 day 20
Highest Minimum 7,7 day 20
Lowest Maximum 2,9 day 10
Air frosts 5

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month 270,2
Wettest day 72,8 day 23
High rain rate 209,9 day 23
Rain days 21
Dry days 8

Wind (km/h):
Highest Gust 100,0 day 23
Average Speed 19,5
Wind Run 13478,0 km
Gale days 1

Pressure (hPa):
Maximum 1011,4 day 11
Minimum 944,4 day 02

Days with snow falling 4
Days with snow lying at 0900 3

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sryanbruen Registered User

Grange's February 2017 summary

Very dull, wet and mild.

Rainfall: Wettest February since 2014 but not one of the wettest.
I recorded a rainfall total of 76.8mm (167% of the LTA) which made it my wettest February since 2014 but not one of the wettest on record. February was a contrast with the previous two Winter months rainfall wise as many days were wet. As a matter of fact, only 6 of the 28 days were completely dry in comparison with December and January recording 17 and 20 dry days respectively. With the exception of the 3rd and 23rd, February did not really record very heavy falls of rain but rather frequent days with rain of little spots of rain on and off throughout the days which made it feel very miserable. I recorded 12.9mm on the 3rd but my highest daily rainfall for February was 22.9mm on the 23rd during Storm Doris which was my wettest February day since 2011. To put some optimism into this miserable month, I recorded plenty of snowfall flurries on the 28th but I can't be too optimistic because none of them stuck.

Temperature: Mildest since 2012. First mild February since 2014.
I recorded a mean temperature of 6.3c (+1.7c above the LTA) and this made it my mildest February since 2012 but not one of my mildest on record despite being very mild. This was the first milder than normal February since 2014. After a rather cool first half with a mean temperature of 4.1c (-0.5c below the LTA), the second half was exceptionally mild with a mean temperature of 8.3c (+3.7c above the LTA). The exceptionally mild second half outweighed the rather cool first half and made February mild overall. I recorded a maximum of 14.2c on the 20th, my warmest day in February since 2012 and was higher than the previous two Februarys' (2015 and 2016) maximum temperatures. I recorded a minimum of -4.8c on the 8th which was a very unremarkable minimum temperature. I recorded a maximum of 3.4c on the 10th which made it my coldest February day since 2015.

Sunshine: Very dull, third dullest February on record.
I recorded a sunshine total of 54 hours (71% of the LTA) which made it my third dullest February on record behind only 1993 and 1994. This February was so dull that it made Winter 2016/17 dull overall in spite of December and January being sunny. It did not come to any surprise that February was this dull as the statistics show. It was the dullest February I have experienced in my lifetime. I recorded my highest daily sunshine of 7.1 hours on the 8th, my sunniest day in February since 2011. I recorded 7 completely dull days (days with 0 hours) during February which was my most for February since 2012.

February 2017 is a month that I just want to forget as it was very miserable.

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thecivvie Registered User

Final Feb figures for west Connemara

Average temperature = 7.3∞C
Average humidity = 88%
Average dewpoint = 5.4∞C
Average barometer = 1006.5 hPa
Average windspeed = 9.7 km/h
Average gustspeed = 17.0 km/h
Average direction = 13∞ (NNE)
Rainfall for month = 133.2 mm
Rainfall for year = 226.8 mm
Maximum rain per minute = 0.4 mm on day 28 at time 06:41
Maximum temperature = 12.8∞C on day 02 at time 05:20
Minimum temperature = 0.6∞C on day 27 at time 08:09
Maximum humidity = 99% on day 25 at time 11:06
Minimum humidity = 62% on day 23 at time 13:56
Maximum dewpoint = 11.3∞C on day 17 at time 15:29
Minimum dewpoint = -3.6∞C on day 11 at time 5:31
Maximum pressure = 1033.8 hPa on day 11 at time 09:40
Minimum pressure = 963.1 hPa on day 02 at time 18:00
Maximum windspeed = 42.6 kmh from 099∞( E ) on day 23 at time 02:05
Maximum gust speed = 77.7 km/h from 113∞(ESE) on day 23 at time 01:47
Maximum heat index = 12.8∞C on day 02 at time 05:20
Avg daily max temp :9.5∞C
Avg daily min temp :4.8∞C
Total windrun = 6497.2km
Daily rain totals
00.2 mm on day 1
08.4 mm on day 2
02.6 mm on day 3
04.6 mm on day 4
02.2 mm on day 5
08.0 mm on day 6
09.8 mm on day 7
00.2 mm on day 8
00.6 mm on day 14
04.8 mm on day 15
04.8 mm on day 16
06.4 mm on day 17
03.6 mm on day 18
05.0 mm on day 19
01.0 mm on day 20
14.2 mm on day 21
19.8 mm on day 22
05.8 mm on day 23
02.4 mm on day 24
09.4 mm on day 25
12.0 mm on day 26
04.4 mm on day 27
03.0 mm on day 28

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