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A cloudy start to February here in Dublin 16. 4.4c atm.

exaisle Registered User

It's p1$$ing snow here in Budapest...0°.

joujoujou Registered User

Current data for Mayo/Roscommon boundary (inaccurate)
1 Feb 2017 14:35:05

Temperature (°C):
Current 7,9
Trend (per hour) +0,3
Average today 4,7
Wind chill 4,4
Heat Index 7,9
Dew Point 7,8
Rel Humidity 99%

Wind (km/h):
Current Gust 34,2 SE
Average Speed 23,6 SE

Rainfall (mm):
Current rate 0,0
Last hour 0,0
Total today 1,4
Total yesterday 1,4
Total this month 1,4
Total this year 135,8

Pressure (hPa):
Current 962,4
Trend (per hour) -2,1

Oscar Bravo Registered User

A mild and damp start to February in Castlebar. not much rain,more drizzle and low cloud,that sort of thing. 10 degrees in a light southerly wind. 984,falling rapidly.

sryanbruen Registered User

Miserable day at Grange with some odd sunshine towards the evening.

Rainfall: 3.8mm
Max. temperature: 10.2c
Min. temperature: 5.5c
Sunshine: 0.2 hours

February 2017 statistics (up to 1st)

Rainfall: 3.8mm (8% of the LTA)
Mean temperature: 7.9c (+3.3c above the LTA)
Sunshine: 0.2 hours (1% of the LTA)

mickger844posts Registered User

Cloudy, temp 9.6c, 1.0mm of rain.

New Live streaming cams added to the website recently.

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Meteorite58 Moderator

Windy and wet first half of the day ( much more rain over around Killarney then out by the coast ) and feeling very mild.
Calmed in the afternoon and got some nice breaks in the cloud with sunshine getting through.
Wind picking up again this evening and rain making its way inland again.

Current Temp 9.2C ( rising )/ High 10.9C / Low 5.2C
Rain 1.6mm ( raining )
Wind 10 min avg 30 km/h, gust 53km/h

Bar 982.4 hPa Falling Rapidly

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Meteorite58 Moderator

Heavy rain in Tralee. Sky has gone so dark.
Mild and blustery.

DOCARCH Moderator

Wet and increasingly windy here in Dublin 16. 3.0mm so far today. 10.7c atm.

AP 979mb. Interesting (sort of!) that the last time pressure was below 1000mb was November 20th!

joujoujou Registered User

Current data for Mayo/Roscommon boundary (inaccurate)
2 Feb 2017 14:36:05

Temperature (°C):
Current 10,0
Trend (per hour) +0,2
Average today 9,6
Wind chill 7,3
Heat Index 10,0
Dew Point 9,9
Rel Humidity 99%

Wind (km/h):
Current Gust 29,5 SE
Average Speed 20,8 SSE

Rainfall (mm):
Current rate 0,0
Last hour 0,0
Total today 7,7
Total yesterday 8,4
Total this month 16,1
Total this year 150,5

Pressure (hPa):
Current 946,1
Trend (per hour) -1,3

Meteorite58 Moderator

Been very mild all day in Tralee getting up to 12C at 0.41, above 10C for much of the day and only dropping recently to 8.4C short time ago

8mm with frequent showers
RH 88%
Wind gust 50 km/h, now 10 min avg 22.5 km/h WSW

Bar 972.4 hPa Rising Rapidly ( lowest reading 965.2 hPa )

DOCARCH Moderator

Light rain here now in Dublin 16. 1.0mm so far. 5.9c atm.

Temp dropping slowly and the snow symbol has popped up on the Davis (weather station).

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Oscar Bravo Registered User

Dry and bright in Castlebar with sunny spells. 7 degrees in mostly light winds. 987 hpa

Supercell Happy :)

Cold and damp here, any reports from in or around Roundwood?, must be getting near conditions for snow there now, Sally Gap is surely in white out conditions currently.

sryanbruen Registered User

Pouring rain all day long so far at Grange. I guess I'm unlucky compared to the other Dubliners on here.

Rainfall: 12.9mm
Max. temperature: 6.6c
Min. temperature: 2.3c
Sunshine: 0 hours

February 2017 statistics (up to 3rd at 16:00)

Rainfall: 23.4mm (51% of the LTA) - twice as much as the whole of January recorded
Mean temperature: 7.3c (+2.7c above the LTA)
Sunshine: 1 hour (0.6 hours to be exact) (1% of the LTA)

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